Tuesday, August 16, 2011


From out of the fetid and foul Deep Wastes of Romthule, the Virotyrants stride forth, spreading contagion and calamity in their dread wake. Some seek to make the black pilgrimage back to Old Earth, following the various River Networks such as those that criss-cross their way from world to world until finally, some few of them are believed to reach back to the still flowing waters of the cradleworld.

Driven by implacable ancestral wetware and the imperatives of hyper-evolved infections, the Virotyrants follow the rivers back through the gates, bringing death and disease to all the Dynastic Enclaves, Khemrid Crechecanals, and every other population, culture and civilization situated along the river banks.

But pestilences pass. Infections run their course. Immunity reasserts itself. Everything returns to normal. But what will happen when one of these things comes back among the worlds of far flung humanity? What will happen when a Virotyrant returns from their pilgrimage and they carry within them the core-codes of all life descended from the ancestors?


  1. Unpleasant idea, but a pleasure to read! The art is superb too. It fits the style here very well, but I don't recognise the signature. Is it one of yours?

  2. @Porky: Thanks. We're in the process of going back over the earlier posts, some of which were hyper-dense and over-long, and breaking-out new chunks that are shorter and a bit more accessible. This artwork is ours, but instead of signing things with the studio-name, we've adopted a new 'chop' for Garrisonjames. You see, Netherwerks is very RPG-oriented, and where we're taking Riskail is well beyond the focus of that studio, so you'll be seeing more Garrisonjames stuff here at Riskail, Zalchis and elsewhere. If anything, this is a long overdue development as we continue to evolve our creative process. There will be more details about Garrisonjames in the next few weeks as we finish putting all the finishing touches on some new and seriosuly revised resources, blogs and whatnot.

  3. Well then better and better.


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