Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Lunar Mansions

By Tradition, the Lunar Gates of most Living Solar Systems are modeled upon the patterns established around Sol and Old Earth. Thus it is that these gates tend to be sequenced into twenty-eight sub-sections that correspond to the ancient scheme of the so-called Mansions of the Moon. Each of the twenty-eight sections or mansions possess or exhibit a particular psychecultural configuration and at least one appended set of distinct mythotype unique to itself. All of these have been developed and evolved over the centuries by adherents or refuters of the various schools and sub-sets of astrology that have endured or survived the rigors of the Rational Ages as well as the abysmal periods of rampant scientific superstition that followed in the wake of the Bitter Interregnum at the close of the Toxic Age.

Lunar gates celebrate the irrational and the intuitive. They are configured to access the subconscious of human minds, which tend to make them difficult for machines or mechisti to access them effectively as most mechanical forms lack a subconscious or have no direct, personal connection to the Collective Unconscious. Dianaiads are a hybridized genoculture developed to act as Guides and Companions to machines and the machine descended who seek to make use of the Lunar Gates. There are also those who design prosthetic subconscious emulators or who have developed temporary modular implantable/installable Collective Unconscious taps that can be used in some cases as well, but the dianaiads are known to dislike these particular prosthetics and many of the Resident Systems within the Lunar Precincts and Mansions object to them as well. In some cases use of such augmentation is considered an overt act of war or worse. Discretion is advised.

As Riskail has two moons (Duleeb & Voj), one must know how to differentiate one moon from the other when accessing one of the Lunar Gates. There may in fact be no single correct way to do this as the sub-systems of these gates seem to tap into the user's subconscious in order to tailor the parameters of access personally. Some object to the intimate intrusion of the gates' sub-systems into their cortex and psyche, but it is the way of these things and access to the moons is completely voluntary. No one is required to travel through these subsidiary networks.

In the case of artifical constraints, imposed restraints or cultural conflicts brought about by the interaction of individuals or social clusters, one may appeal to the Court Triformica and make their case before a host of attendant AIforms, tutelary memghosts, recovered mentalities, Lesser Mythoi, and others who serve in the Sub-Lunary Zones of inhabited planets in the hopes of suitably distinguishing themselves as to gain either enfleshment or induction into the Lunar Ecologies or the Moon River.

Duleeb has six inhabited Lunar Mansions, Voj has at least eighteen that are known or registered. There may well be several more that are clandestine, temporary or spurious in nature. Very little is allowed to be strictly factual or unambiguous within the Lunary Zones, so such numbers should be considered a rough estimate at best.

The Mythoi have a lot of influence within the Lunary Zones across nearly all Known Inhabited Systems and possibly quite a few that are technically uninhabited as well. It is advised that one at least consider cultivating some vestige of respect for the more mythic aspects of the extended human psychosphere, despite whatever form of rationality one might prefer, subscribe to or cherish. The realms and regions beyond the Lunar Gates have a strong oneiric potential to them and most, if not all, partake of the most ancient dreamscapes and vestigial instincts and other buried impulses that remain deeply ingrained within human consciousness. It is said that those who cannot dream need not attempt to enter the Lunar Gates for they shall not be capable of finding their way.


  1. The "rigors of the Rational Ages" being endured is fun and deep, and linking the whole of the lunar with unconscious and dreams is clever. Another post to wake the exploring urge.

  2. Nice to see the Lunar Mansions incoporated into Riskail. I like real world esoteric elements jiggered for game use--it adds a lot of flavor.

  3. How not to love Netherwerks for sharing such amazing stuff?!

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