Friday, July 8, 2011

Cosmogrottoes of Riskail

Within the very midst of Inner Drukhai, between the Void Forests that stretch across the inner-system towards the sun and the Veil Jungles that sprawl outwards to entangle every last bit of debris and available matter even unto Udesh (and somewhat past it even), one will find the Cosmogrottoes. These lesser habitats occupy a fairly narrow Orbital Zone on the very fringes of the Inmost Verdant Sphere. For some unexplained reason the majority of autonomous organoplex-systems and competing feral sub-systems within this region respect the registered boundaries of the Cosmogrottoes, despite contesting nearly every other boundary or claim, either registered or not.

The Cosmogrottoes are predominently spherical shellworlds, each one impinging upon a shared central Serial Sea that spans three hundred and sixty parallel solar systems, all of them lesser K-type stars just on the periphery of the Central Cultural Confluence.

The Serial Sea fills approximately half of the ante-sunward interior chamber of the Cosmogrottoes with a nested cluster of coral-anchored Sea Gates embedded deep beneath the surging waters. Small family-groups of Du'Vallja are known to prowl, hunt and wander about the Cosmogrottoes. Some of them act as Guides to Larkers, Experiographers and various sorts of Meddlers or even Adventurers, though Adventurers are most often discouraged by the Du'Vallja who well remember the debacle of Maklune's Folly or the destruction of Kanjoss by unscrupulous seekers after forgotten things.

Swarms of barnoblasts maintain the hundred-mile-thick latticed hull-skins of the Cosmogrottoes. It is rumored that someone has convinced a colony of these things to construct a fabulous personal redoubt or retreat nestled deep within the sea-washed crevasses and erosion-channels of a particular habitat, but the coordinates are unavailable, despite a data-bounty having been set by certain anonymous interested parties.

Several practising Genartists have spent time within this Sub-Ecology, each one contributing a different and integrated array of plants, animals and bactoforms to the overall mix...except for the unregistered clonedaughter of a so-far undisclosed Scylloi Matriarch who was eventually driven off in the middle of her birthing of a number of sea monsters derived from her own gene-stocks. Red Buoys have been stationed near the known nesting grounds of those aberrant offspring that have been reported or spotted, but like with most Scylloi creatures, many of these things are able to foil, fool or confuse sensors and automated systems. Thus there are always openings for interested parties to join the on-going volunteer patrols that seek to hunt down and contain, capture or neutralize the various horrific beasts and monsters that have contaminated the Cosmogrottoes' gate-synchronized ecosystem.


  1. Beautifully rich with potential adventures.

  2. That IS the 'intro page' to a setting supplement. Very nice.


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