Saturday, April 16, 2011

Something...Moving...Down There

Out along the winding channels that lead off from the River Senube into the various Esturaries, subsidiary canals and the less well mapped or explored gates scattered along them, there is talk of something strange going on. There's something out there.

Some of the Riverfolk are a bit concerned. Others are just keeping their eyes open. Just as easy for something to move back through a gate as to move forwards. It wouldn't be the first time that something had found its way to Riskail through the River Gates after wandering across a few dozen or a few hundred worlds. It could even be something left behind by one of the Tall Ships or possibly a Megacargo that passed by on their way to the Sea Gate. Tramp Steamers have been known to dump hazardous stuff overboard if their crews thought that they were about to get boarded and inspected. Strange things float up from the deeper parts of the soggy-bottoms, marshlands and reed-choked fens. Weirder things breed in the run-off sloughs, and there are entire aquatic microcologies locked within some of the older, disused canals.

Already the gendarmes of several of the lower trifectures are rounding-up the usual suspects. Cultists have begun to lob wild accusations against one another's sect even as several of the minor chapels have instituted a fear-and-loathing PR offensive or just a plain old smear campaign against their rivals. The Oracles are silent, having invoked the Black Ban of Atrimus, they have called for a conclave of their peers to discuss the rapid approach of a crux-point. The Seers are far from quiet, but no two of them apprehend the same thing.

What is out there?

What is happening?

One rookie River Marshall, alone and untested, so new that their badge hasn't even arrived yet has entered the low channels near the Red Marshes. They intend to find out what's going on...


  1. IS this the same one that the Musical Brothers apparently have a run-in with?


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