Wednesday, February 9, 2011


Not every world that gets claimed, colonized or settled necessarily remains integrated within the established Networks of the Connected Territories. Some worlds are claimed that never get settled or colonized. Others are colonized but never truly settled. One world that is not exactly claimed, settled, nor even truly colonized is Vedamyar.

Most people have never heard of this place, those amongst the Eukaryotics--the organics. Vedamyar is a world of synthetic life blooming in the hot darkness of a series of vaporblisters, mechanoplexes, and cthoniums that riddle the dark crust of this massive, rocky planet that orbits far too near its G-type star for conventional organic life to ever evolve or take root. The atmosphere was siphoned-off for use by the machines. Everything that matters on Vedamyar is deep below the ground or scattered across the other bodies, debris and dust that orbits around the star. The solar system surrounding Vedamyar is very heavily industrialized and developed. It is rumored that the artilects of Vedamyar are sending out their own solar sail probes to neighboring solar systems that they have calculated as remaining non-integrated long enough to reach them first. They are gambling, of course, but the Deep Infrastructure is bound to recognize any form of prior development as reason to shy away from a system. In this way, the artilects of Vedamyar are developing a sphere of influence that also acts as an immediate buffer zone between them and the organics.

Vedamyar is a very discrete system. It has scrupulously been shifted out of context and dropped from most registries, logs or records through extremely subtle means. Just learning the name used to earn you a one-way trip to the Tenement Towers in the custody of the thinksec drones during the Third Regime. Now it just gets you blank stares and a total lack of recognition.

Unless you know the right people.

There are those who make it their business to know obscure things, to collect facts and traces that others want very much to wipe away, erase or remove from the civic records. Wizards are astoundingly astute and very often obsessive in these sorts of matters. Aesic in particular, of all the registered and sanctioned Mad Wizards on Riskail has been paying attention to the goings on surrounding Vedamyar.

Aside from being almost entirely expunged from the casual record, Vedamyar might not exist--only non-existent separatist exocultures tend not to employ agents to erase traces of their existence. There has to be something in order to cover it up, hide it or make the evidence go away. But organics are extremely limited in their access to this place. For one thing, there is no formal public record of it even existing, only a few polite inquiries in the Public Domain. That means that there are no real, legitimate poltical channels to attempt to use.

But not to worry.

If you learn enough about Vedamyar to look into the few scraps that are available, you will find a mechanical tactile-cipher that can be downloaded from an obscure appended entry buried beneath the third inquiry regarding a misspelled form of VADAMYAL that the most barebones AI-helpers will spot as a definite connection.

Downloading the holoplans and extrusion-codes for the mechanical tactile-cipher is as easy as pushing a virtual button. Literally.

Anyone successfully assembling the mechanical tactile-cipher will find themself brought into discrete, telepathic contact with the ruling artilects of Vedamyar.

Should they survive the initial query process of the machine minds, the device will act as a self-mobile guide and genomically-encrypted one-user key to an undisclosed, cthonic gate leading to Vedamyar. This gate has been reported in several different locations so it is either part of an illicit sub-network or it is mobile. Neither is a particularly comforting thought to the agents of the Localities involved. Both are likely, if one recalls the infiltration-scheme utilized by the Vodrim during the Fall of Karkosin. The records are too fresh from Talibarr to warn of the Dreim. But there are those who like to keep their eyes on such things, even if they are just simple barbers or defrocked scholars.

Aesic has been watching this situation.

In the last few weeks things have gotten more interesting.

Machines have come to Riskail from Vedamyar, clandestine Automorphs that have deliberately molded and sculpted their hardframes to resemble humanesque bodies and revised their inner workings to enable them to experience emotions first-hand have begun to appear within the Flea Market, amongst the Asylum-Chateaus on the River Senube, even deep within the Grub Warrens and Larval-States. They are not truly robots, everyone knows that robots are decentralized clouds of diamondine dust or bubbles of hypercarbon that conform to the appearance they choose/select for their work. Of course there are the RURitarians and the mechanodrones, even the autoconstructs, but all true robots possess far more complex natures, even the simplest mistbot or cloudroid is many, many orders of magnitude more advanced than these walking machine-sculptures. These things are crude, assemblages of actual mechanical parts. Aesthetic throwbacks to long deprecated forms of technology that require wires, hoses, valves and Prehistoric electronics. They are not the work of any known artist, nor have their like ever been exhibited in any of the galleries, salons or other such establishments. Though there are certain discrete showings that do take place from time to time in locations such as might be found in the Greenstreet Canal Park or along the waterfront near the less reputable bars such as the notorious Three Bells...

They are strange autonomous artforms, these machines from Vedamyar. What are they after? What do they seek? What is their relationship to Kuchimbra? There are those who would have answers to such questions...

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