Thursday, February 3, 2011

Omnidirectional Halo of the Fullerites

Image based on Buckminsterfullerene model released into the Public Domain by Benjah-Bmm27
Orthodox, or Fullerite Synergetics, as interpreted by the adherents of Buckminster Fuller, presents the thinking process as a geometrically expressible series of relationships that can be mapped-out as a spherical, Omnidirectional Halo that in many respects resembles the way that the electromagnetic spectrum appears to operate. The geometrical revelations that arose for a more mythopoetic reinterpretation of Fuller's Synergetics unlocked a wide array of technological, ecological and ideological breakthroughs that made a significant impact upon the proto-cultures of the Twilight Era in-between the Toxic Age and the actual onset of Civilization.

Floating above the deep azure oceans of more than a dozen different worlds within their Tensegrity Sphere aerostats, the various different highly individualistic yet hyper-interconencted Fullerite clades and clans construct psychodynamic lenses of buckminsterfullerene that they then use to tune into what Fuller described as the Zone of Lucidity where all irrelevancies are tuned out and only the most relevent patterns pertaining to the most desirable outcomes are filtered into the collective telepsychic databases of the gigantic sphereical aerostat communities. In this way they map the spherical trajectories and interrelationships of a form of consciousness that transcends genocultures, creeds, clades or politics. They explore the pathways of futures that they then adopt or abandon the way that artists engage in an exploration of certain approaches or styles much akin to Dali's Blue Period or Tzara's exploration of Dada.

It is rumored that the operative mechanics behind the Orbatrix were derived in no small part from the contemplation of the elegant structure of buckminsterfullerene by the earliest pseudo-artilects and there are those who claim that the underlying principles of the gates themselves have a direct relationship to the structural geometries revealed through Fuller's Omnidirectional Halo...but few scholars take this very seriously any more, mostly because so few of them possess the mathematical aptitude necessary to fully appreciate all of the implications--they prefer instead to rely upon neuronal implants, academically-approved prosthetic-AI, and subscription-based thinktanks. But perhaps someone--some psycho-archaeologist or paleosociologist perhaps--will take up the matter...someday.

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