Monday, February 7, 2011

Neologism of the Week: Ribofunk

Ribofunk is a neologism coined by Paul Di Filippo who offers a brief introduction to the concept in an interview with Wired. Notice that in most instances the term is shifted to 'Ribopunk,' and not Di Filippo's intended RiboFunk, such as the entry at Glossary(dot)com, and if you try to pull up the Ribofunk page at Wikipedia you'll get the Biopunk one instead. It appears to be an already deprecated term, which is a very quick turn-around indeed.

What is most engaging about the creaky, old and now mostly discarded term Ribofunk is that it now is a harbinger and carrier of a strange form of nostalgia. There are factions within Riskail that might well self-identify as being adherents to the doctrines and medialogues of Ribofunk which is also a form of biological sociocultural form of self-modification coupled with competing forms of full-contact musicality that hark back to the earliest forms of martial art hip-hop and the like...

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