Thursday, February 10, 2011


Harquo is an Old Power within Riskail, preceeding even the formation of the Twelve Greater or Ascendent Houses, even pre-dating the Confluence. They have been active within and upon Riskail nearly as long as the Leiru have been, or so it is claimed.

Harquo is a House that holds within it the biological, ecological and technological Mysteries derived and evolved from arthropodic sources, the same sources from which the Harquo derive, at least in part, their Inheritance. They are not strictly human, certainly not by Archaic or Classical standards, but they are human-derived and human descended. They trace their lineages back to Old Earth and if anything, they include many genomic sequences and strings that most so-called humans do not.

Harquo are biologically oriented, for the most part. They shape, reshape and modify life in all its myriad forms, developing specialist species, servitors and surrogates that have since spread outwards across millions of worlds, some to form unique new civilizations, others to devour all that stand in their path.

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