Monday, February 7, 2011


They descend in ferocity and force, these blazing angels who cascade down from the airless heights of the near void. Children of humanity and its integrated machines and intimate technologies, the Garteil are custodians of worlds as yet to be named or claimed. The Garteil are living, breathing, direct extensions of the Deep Infrastructure itself. They go outwards, onwards well beyond any place known to humanity that they might prepare the way for those who will come afterwards. That they might establish sanctuaries and homelands for their children, the Post-Technosphere/Post-Humanosphere Tribes born of the Garteil and who possess an entirely other inheritance than what Arcahics, Modii, Altos or the rest of Humanity take for granted.

The children of the Garteil have a very different root matrix than that of Classical Humanity, and their genome incorporates a much wider array of influences, contributors and derivatives than any genoculture or Lineage would ever accept as entirely, exactly human.

Chemically complex and ecologically integrated on levels that few unaugmented could hope to visualize, the Garteil sing, shout and whisper amongst themselves and to the satellite artilects that hang well overhead to monitor their efforts and progress. They begin as massive, heavily armored silicon-sheathed and diamondine-boned beings who dive headlong into the seething, boiling, corrosive skies and seas of worlds no human could hope to survive even with the best protection they might be able to devise or download from the Public Domain. The Garteil go unto those worlds beyond the safe zones, outside the Perimeter, the worlds that are intolerable and uninhabitable far past the Bleak Worlds or even the Badlands or Hellworlds. They go unto these distant, dangerous, environments outside the boundaries of the Known Worlds and the Connected Territories and they spend millennia locked in a direct, immediate and very personal life and death struggle with these worlds and their environments, adjusting them, adapting them, even as they themselves adjust and adapt to the changing environments and ecologies.

The Garteil become more and more human-like even as they convert the worlds around them to increasingly human-livable biospheres. It is the Great Work of these beings to bring life unto the barren places, to literally make the desert bloom with their blood, sweat and tears.

And when the Garteil have reshaped and transfromed both themselves and their world into something far more human tolerable, the Tribes gather and decide who will remain amongst the now human-usable world, and who shall go onwards, returning to the ancestral structures of the Orbital Rings and beginning the process all over again elsewhere, out amongst the worlds far past the Sea Gates, River Gates, and other established Networks. If any such gates are to be opened upon these worlds, it is through the agency and at the request of the Tribes that it might happen. They are the only ones with the authority born of their long efforts and direct investment to ever give such permission, or to deny it, for these worlds are the result of their efforts and theirs alone. The Great Work of the Garteil is never done, and they keep moving onwards, ever onwards, with no end in sight as they spread outwards unto worlds without end.


  1. Riskail: One of my favorite hard science fiction rpg settings ;)

  2. Cool concept--their terraforming activities recapitulated in their own forms.


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