Sunday, January 9, 2011

Tajanon: Untouchable Traditionalists

The Tajanon (Taj-ah-NOHN) are a very conservative genoculture that proudly traces its noble descent from baseline or Archaic humanity, often using elaborate holographic models that display the meticulously researched genetic and familial links extending as far back as the Decades of Diasporas. Each Tajanon of any real social standing or cultural significance carries their personal lineage data with them at all times, usually in some sort of stylized locket or cameo. They place great store by these objects and the information contained within the diamondine memory-core encased within them.

Due to various modifications and adaptations inherited by most conventional Tajanon, they are no longer able to interbreed with non-Tajanon humanity. Their nanologically-enhanced immune systems simply won't allow it. Their inherited Traditions likewise proscribe such a thing, equating it with bestiality or worse.

Tajanon are most often referred to as being 'untouchable,' over and above any derogatory commentary or unsavory observations made by their many detractors or enemies. Their particular form of untouchability stems from their ritualistic avoidance of allowing anything that has not been ritually purified to contaminate their auras or to come into actual contact with their bodies. They have a deep-seated, profound, and collective culturally-reinforced intolerance for physical contact that has driven their scholars, researchers and sorcerer-artists to develop a number of strategies and technologies to protect them from being touched. Not the least of which are the Tajanon Wards, Barriers and Obstacles; a rich repository-database of scripts, glyphs, and sequences that provide all manner of protection, defense, and shielding that the best and brightest minds of their entire genoculture of ritually-obsessive, hygienically-compulsive geniuses have been contributing to for generations.

But the snippets of code and the nanoform symbolism of the Tajanon are only a vulgar adjunct to the true jewel of their unique inherited techniques for the creation and manipulation of invisible telekinetic fields of force which they use to both levitate and avoid all contact with non-Tajanon. It is said that the Tajanon never set foot on a world unless it be of their choosing, and that they only come into contact with those things that they accept as pure, sweet and good.

Physical Appearance
Tajanon are tall, well-proportioned and very proud people. Their skin is awash in a delicate swirling of every shade of melanin available to the oldest, most traditional genomic stocks of humanity, but where lesser beings might appear mottled or patchy, the Tajanon are exquisitely shaded, highlighted and visually enhanced in the most breath-taking displays each Lineage has been striving for generations to perfect. Each Lineage is visually distinct from every other Lineage, often dramatically different.

Each Lineage has a slightly different genomic profile, some having more links to Pacifican sources, others to Brasilliad, Mand or Indusi sources, but whichever sources they may derive their genome from, it is blended with at least one other. For all their genocultures' insistence upon purity, the Tajanon are a genetically diverse people who proudly honor their ancestors who rejected, rebelled and fought against repressive racial hygiene pogroms during the Toxic Age.

Tajanon fashions are as diverse as any amongst the myriad descendents of humanity throughout the Connected Territories, but each Lineage is known to have certain aesthetic styles that they tend to favor or prefer over others. One intriguing facet of the Tajanon approach to such things is their disdain for monocultural or single-source fashions--they always mix and match different styles, often mingling contrasting materials or blending bits and pieces from a variety of disparate historical eras to create a unique, but always flattering appearance.

Cultural Aspects
Traditionalists with a profound and abiding fixation on the continuity of their genoculture and the preservation of the sources of their unique genome, the Tajanon are usually staunch humanocentrists and supporters of the sustained rebirth and recovery of the most ancient forms of humanity. The Tajanon are also ardent supporters of the Autonomy of Humanity precepts, officially.

Tajanon are a withdrawn culture; they prefer to live in walled villas built around courtyards, or estates that are isolated amidst vast wildernesses. But every Tajanon eventually comes into the more urban areas and Citystates in order to participate in various festivals and culturally-significant events such as coming into recognized adulthood, joining a Family, Marriage, Founding a Sub-Family, Divorce, Entering into Contracts, Registering a Domain, or Forming an Alliance. All these life stages, and more, are celebrated ritually and lavishy with lots of colorful flowers, rich foods, dancing and more. It is at these very private, very exclusive events that Tajanon come into contact with one another. Liaisons take place. Betrothals and betrayals abound. Feuds will be acted upon, grudges will erupt and all sorts of interpersonal politics will rear their various and sundry heads like social hydras.

A people who eschew physical touch and who pride themselves on ritual purity in all their daily dealings can get a bit weird and peculiar when they finally do let their metaphorical hair down and decide to get a bit dirty. The one six-second snippet acquired from a Tajanon wedding ceremony was enough to make the next of kin of the Larker who'd risked everything to crash the party very, very rich. His remains, however, were sealed and will be ineligible for recovery for ten thousand years. But perhaps it was worth it?

Tajanon do not teach non-Tajanon. Ever. They will quietly accept instruction from someone who has proven their mastery of a form or technique that they themselves lack experience with, but they will not pass along what they know to anyone other than another Tajanon. This makes them unpopular amongst some dojangs and studios, but they are very dedicated, sincere and respectful students. They do not dishonor their teachers.

Tajanon are very proud of being human descended. They eschew the vulgar modifications of extra-limbs or wings or tails or any of that sort of thing. They also culturally avoid cybernetics unless they are internalized and discrete. Hybridization is completely out of the question for a Tajanon, except perhaps for their servitors or bioslaves--Tajanon genartists have been known to design, breed and deploy a number of Asuree, Pendajji, or even vattuch-derived servitor-species. As long as a being is not a fellow human being, it can be exploited or utilized as a resource or servitor without any qualms or regrets. But one may never enslave a fellow human being, for this is shameful and unacceptable. Tajanon will go on personal vendettas against those they discover have been illicitly trading in human slaves and the aftermath of the wrath of a Tajanon sorcerer is a terrifying thing indeed. You'll never see them coming until it is too late.

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