Thursday, January 20, 2011


Cinnamon-copper odalisques with a very tasteful almost translucently metallic sheen, the Oodkan are consummately elegant, graceful and agile humanoids who are generally Art Nouveau slim despite averaging 7-8' in height. The Oodkan genoculture is known to possess very compact, hyper-efficient muscles, with interlacing secondary support structures around all their joints, making them capable of incredible acts of flexibility and control; they are born contortionists. The also have secondary nerve-clusters regularly spaced throughout their bodies that speed up their reaction times, giving them uncanny reflexes and a hyper-sensitive touch that enables them to be either amazing masseurs, healers or torturers. They are have an innate gift for becoming very talented sculptors, jewelers and such artistic pursuits, as well as taking on the roles of acrobats, killclowns, or escape artists--sometimes combining some measure of all of these interests into some sort of unique, radical full-contact artform that the Paparazzi just adore.

Oodkan live for uniqueness in their experience. They are connoisseurs of living life to the full and they have no fear of failure, only a deep and abiding sense of regret for not having gone far enough, not having been inventive enough, of not having made enough of a mark on Polite Society in their current incarnation. They make very memorable Mad Wizards, Insane Geniuses or Bizarre Adepts. It is rumored that the Umbrarch of Mishtang is at least partly Oodkan in his genomic profile. Another rumor has it that he is the offspring of a runaway Oodkan concubine-assassin and a Temjurri planar-adept, but this has never been confirmed. Too inquisitive paparazzi tend to disappear around the Umbrarch, as do most other troublesome pests.

The Oodkan sense of the outre and the ridiculous is extremely well developed and no one appreciates a good joke, a witty response, or a particularly well-done act of mockery, scorn or trickery more than an Oodkan, or so they would have you believe. It is rumored that the notorious ass-clowns of Mimetown were designed and released into the wild by an Oodkan genartist with a flair for Goya-esque social commentary.

Physical Appearance
Oodkan are exquisitely beautiful without conforming to most pre-Diaspora attitudes of what constitutes beauty. They are aesthetic iconoclasts who present themselves as their main work of art, no matter what other media or medium they might be exploring at the time. Delicate and slender, the Oodkan are very misleading. Their bones are laced with layers of overlapping diamondine and they possess extensible blade-like nails capable of cutting through most forms of conventional or simple matter. Usually they use these blades to carve and work on sculptures or to shape elaborate pieces of jewelry, but those thought-conformitive blades have a myriad of uses and the Oodkan are born knowing all of them.

Oodkan tend to lack the pheromonal gland-systems of the Alsards or Solmiri, but this doesn't hold them back from becoming accomplished in the arts of sensuality and seduction. Few libertines, no matter how committed, can hope to match the passions of an Oodkan connoisseur of such things.

Cultural Aspects
Oodkan are notorious hypnotists, subverters, marketers, dancers, actors, celebutantes or athletes, and most become accomplished martial artists in either the abstract disciplines or the more tactile traditions.

Image conscious in ways that a non-Oodkan could never fully appreciate, the Oodkan are great supporters of fashion and often wage very intense contests amongst themselves to establish or replace aesthetic trends amongst Polite Society. Where others might duel over a dissertation, the Oodkan engage in a form of social combat that concerns itself with repuation, influence, followers and relevancy, as well as a host of lesser metrics and statistics. The most popular, influential and well-respected Oodkans enjoy great prestige and status that the rest struggle to attain.

Oodkan have been known to attach themselves to various questionable ventures in the hopes of gaining some measure of notoriety, acclaim or other useful (to them) social pay-off.

It is considered to be a killable offense to bore an Oodkan.

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