Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Oim: Smooth Blue Scales

Huge bluish saurials noted for their large, round, delicate blue scales, the Oim (Oym) are amongst the most casual beings known amongst the Connected Territories. They have six pairs of eyes, each of which is independent of the others, arranged down either side of their longish, tapering snouted faces. Some Oim feature eyes of matching color, others have mis-matched eyes. No one knows what it might mean and rarely does anyone ask out of fear that it might prove offensive to the Oim. Some Oim, usually females, tend to have one or more twisty, striated horns growing from their heads. Oim also have three rows of very pointy teeth and peculiar, almost prehensile purplish-black tongues. Their saliva is slightly toxic.

Oim are unfairly considered slow-witted when in fact it is not the case at all. The typical Oim brain is arranged so that they experience a form of euphoric dreamstate that is overlaid upon waking consciousness and their sensory impressions feed into this quasi-fugue state. Their senses of taste and smell are extremely good, as is their overall visual acuity, however they do tend to be somewhat deaf and fairly insensitive to pain--their own or anyone else's--however their perpetual day-dreaming often inclines them to overlook things that they might otherwise notice. Oim are also very suggestible, if one can actually communicate with them in any sort of meaningful manner. Words will not work for this. It requires a specialized form of symbolic-synesthesic telepathy in which mental images are accompanied by specific scents and flavors simultaneously. Very few people have ever become truly fluent in Oimish. Most would prefer to never attempt it.

Physical Appearance
Oim typically have four stout and stumpy-looking legs that are almost always bent at the knee, a large, thick tail that they use for balance when they rear up or try to reach things, and four arms that end in heavy, almost scoop-like claws. While slightly flexible, the Oim's tail is pretty much only good for following behind the Oim and serving as a kickstand when they decide to rear up.

Powerful warm-blooded saurials, the Oim are slow to anger, slow to just about everything. Big, solid and heavily scaled, the Oim have few real threats to worry about and almost no predators to concern themselves with in their chosen habitats. Their scales are largish, rounded, and swirled with a delicate blue pigmentation that is very nearly periwinkle blue, which is also the color of their blood and their saliva as well.

A full-grown adult Oim weighs around 3,000 pounds, give or take a few hundred. They are not little things by any stretch of the imagination. Their flesh has an oilt blue sheen and is known to be toxic to most other genocultures.

Cultural Aspects
Oim are rarely encountered in the wild as they prefer extremely remote locales teeming with wide varieties of insects and crustaceans which they attract with a drizzled trail of their saliva. Instead of hunting, Oim prefer to simply wait for their prey to land within or walk right into their mouth, which tends to work very, very well.

The Oim are intelligent, even sentient, but tend not to be interested in anything else but their own vague perpetual reveries and entertaining hallucinations. They amuse themelves easily and often, and rarely stay on task no matter how important it might seem to others. They also never forget anything. Ever.

Oim are very long-lived, especially for a genoculture that prefers to remain outside the reach of nanoplasm and conventional societies. They tend to wander outwards, across the River Networks and Wildernesses of the Peripheral Worlds. The Great Aqueducts of Xembor are an endlessly fascinating thing to the Oim and they have begun to migrate in large numbers towards the Aqueducts, following them onwards and outwards past any of the Known or Registered Worlds.

Because the Oim rarely get angry, and they tend to see things from a very different perspective than everyone else, they are sometimes consulted on matters of various sorts, especially by those who study dreams and nightmares. Diviners and oracles will also sometimes bargain with the Oim, for they apparently do not experience time in quite the same way as others do, perhaps through some quirk in how they were designed during the Quiet Era by a studio of whimsical Genartists based on Karduffa. There are also sorcerers who will attempt to summon an Oim in order to prove their mastery and puissance...but this sort of thing almost always works out to their utter annoyance, complete disgust and the Oim's only momentary confusion, if it notices at all.

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