Sunday, January 9, 2011

Nothing Contributes So Much to Culture as Knowledge

"Man is born a barbarian, and only raises himself above the beast by culture. Culture therefore makes the man; the more a man, the higher. Thanks to it, Greece could call the rest of the world barbarians. Ignorance is very raw; nothing contributes so much to culture as knowledge. But even knowledge is coarse if without elegance. Not alone must our intelligence be elegant, but our desires, and above all our conversation. Some men are naturally elegant in internal and external qualities, in their thoughts, in their address, in their dress, which is the rind of the soul, and in their talents, which is its fruit. There are others, on the other hand, so gauche that everything about them, even their very excellences, is tarnished by an intolerable and barbaric want of neatness."
Aphorism 87 from

Nothing contributes so much to culture as knowledge. The overall culture of Riskail is deeply rooted in the development, creation and acquisition of knowledge. Epistomonikos is engraved over the very portals of the Academy. It is the hope, dream and aspiration of every Scholar worthy of their sword to contribute some measure of knowledge through their personal efforts. New ideas and fresh ways of doing things are the very lifeblood of Polite Society and the underlying foundations of Civilization itself. Any culture that cannot assimilate new ideas, or any society that must repress or suppress invention, expression or investigation is not considered worthy or even worthwhile. Such institutions are barbaric, vile and shams fit only to be deprecated, discarded or deleted.

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