Sunday, January 9, 2011


Arborial simioreptiles, the Nashir make their nests in high-up spots such as near the crowns of trees, niches along the sides of arcologies, in the ears of great statues, etc. They are not great respecters of boundaries or territories and freely wander about as they will hunting at random and snatching at shiny bits as they encounter them. Voracious and greedy, Nashir will try to eat anything they can get into their mouths and they are always hungry as they have very advanced metabolisms.

Scaled with a light fringe of whiskers and a strip of wiry hair stretching down from the crown of their head to the tip of their prehensile and tufted tails, the Nashir are almost comical looking amalgams of monkeys and lizards. Their claws are very sharp, their faces are more snout-like than a typical monkey's, with an almost baboon-like look to it. A typical Nashir's eyes are very large, resembling a lemur perhaps, and they have excellent eyesight, incredible hearing and a powerfully developed sense of smell, all of which aid them in surviving within the dense jungles of Pan Quan, the abyssal forests of Saigrang or the urban canyons of Devukarsha.

Nashir are egg-layers who will deposit their eggs in communal nesting spots which they then totally avoid and ignore. Some scholars believe this to be a defense mechanism, perhaps developed to avoid attracting the attention of predators or other things with a taste for Nashir eggs.

They make lousy pets as they are temperamental, noisy, have poor personal hygiene and fling their own feces when upset or irritated. Nashir feces contains a potent blend of psychoactive compounds that will cause horrific, even trauamtic nightmares in anyone exposed to it. Any legitimate Guide will advise a client to avoid being spattered with Nashir feces, unless they're an unusually difficult customer or lousy tipper.

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  1. Nice. An evolutionary escalation in the benefit of feces throwing.


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