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Nanoplasm is a socially-ubiquitous form of nanotechnology that is directly accessible within the bounds of all Coreworlds and most Registered Collectives that have direct and immediate access to a Gate Network. Outside the demarcated bounds of the various Citystates, Baronies, Settlements, etc. the ambient supply of nanoplasm drops precipitously, with a corresponding decline in those sorts of social functions and municipal services that tend to get taken for granted by urban-dwelling populations. There is little to no nanonplasm out amongst the Badland, Wasteland or Hellworlds that wasn't transported there by travelers or vistors first. In fact there is a brisk trade and a fierce competition amongst the various denizens of those spaces over what little nanoplasm might be available to them out there. One is advised to encode some serious defenses and to invoke the very best security protocols available before traveling unto these worlds. The Veiled Riders are known to take an immediate interest in any new sources of nanoplasm that they can detect in their vicinity, as do the Trisectivore Chitinopods.

Nanoplasm & The Nanosphere
Nanoplasm is the human-oriented and municipally-ubiquitous foam, fog or nano-particulate atmosphere that forms the sociotechnological support structure of each registered genoculture operating within it. The overall atmosphere is sometimes referred to as the 'nanosphere,' but that is considered an outmoded and deprecated form most often employed by Archaics, Geriatrics or Noobs.

Nanoplasm evolved from out of the utility foam, microbotic support systems, nanological components of the Human Inheritance, the Public Domain nanoware, those aspects of the Commons that pertained to life support, social interaction, and Social/Individual Rights & Obligations. It is the technological lifeblood of the Coreworlds, the immediate expression of Technology that operates within the Metropolitan, Municipal and many Exurban Districts, Counties or Arondissements of the various Citystates, Registered Collectives, Baronies and so forth. One's access to nanoplasm is directly related to their access to the Fountains or some other access-point such as the Gates. The Deep Infrastructure maintains the municipal density of nanoplasm and expands the bounds within which it is accessible based upon human development, activity and demand.

Using Nanoplasm
There are as many ways to utilize nanoplasm as there are people with the proper Inheritance to access it. Many users employ ambient nanoplasm to empower scripts, enact code sequences, make socio-physical statements, shape dumbmatter, erect spontaneous structures, form holograms, and many, many other almost magical-seeming functions. Sorcerers tap into the nanoplasm as part of their Arts, the Orders impose rational patterns and traditional sequences upon the ambient nanoplasm as part of their work. Adepts employ the nanoplasm in truly personal, often eccentric ways or eschew it altogether to tap into completely other forms of technological expression. Geniuses quickly erect firewalls and avoid the use of 'vulgar' ambient nanoplasm, preferring to develop their own proprietary and specialized forms for themselves. There are no real rules other than the determination of one's access according to their Inheritance, after that it is entirely a matter of personal conscience, desire and inspiration as to what one might do, attempt to do and have done with the nanoplasm they can access.

Access to Nanoplasm
One has access to the municipal nanoplasm based upon one's Inheritance, a factor primarily encoded within the Gold Sequence of their personal genome. A lower-order Inheritance results in a restriction or even in some cases a prohibition in how certain genocultures access the nanoplasm. Higher-order Inheritance allows for more and better levels of interactability and interoperability--but always within the limitations of the Deep Infrastructure's current level of expansion outwards. Hence the emphasis on how many gates outwards from a Coreworld one travels. Each step one takes across a particular Gate Network diminishes the level of ambient nanoplasm immediately available in the surrounding area. One either brings a stored supply with them, or they find themselves less and less able to commit codes, enact scripts, or peform functions that they otherwise would take for granted within the Civic Districts & Arrondissements of Devukarsha, for example.

Nanoplasm & Coreworlds
A Coreworld is by definition a Direct Source for nanoplasm, often dispensing it by way of Fountains or other open-access and Public means of making it ambient and freely available according to one's Inheritance. Riskail, Jevpa, Talibarr, Jezeal, Xembor and Drushmai are all Coreworlds. The Barren worlds are especially noted for being completely nanoplasm-free, many of them being designated Noware-Zones. Several varieties of Dyson Cloud & Sphere communities have somewhat different relationships with the kinds and sorts of ambient nanoplasm that they allow or tolerate within their particular boundaries. As with anything of this sort, it is best to consult with a travel agent before walking into a potentially unpleasant cultural incident.

Nanoplasm & Recovery
Recovery & Rebirth are directly tied to the availability of the Deep Infrastructure and the ambient nanoplasm. Moving outside the regions demarcated by the Boundary Beacons or similar markers leaves one at risk of Non-Recovery, or a slow Pause until the Deep Infrastructure, nanoplasm, or some well-intentioned Rescuer, depraved Bioslaver, or mortgage-minded Indenturer comes along or eventually reaches your last known position and enables a Recovery on your (or their) behalf.  It's generally a gamble that only the most foolhardy or heavily insured are willing to undertake.

Nanoplasm & Insurance
Insurance? Yes. There are agencies within the various Citystates, empires, etc. that specialize in seeing to it that your remains are suitably recovered, should anything untoward or disastrous happen while on an expedition or exploratory mission--if you can meet their premiums. These policies can range from something as simple as setting up a clone-heir to take over your estate, to sending out an expert extraction team to recover you directly, and a wide range of options and supplemental policies as well.

The Dezhu are some of the most heavily insured genocultures known. The Lokyn are among the least insured. It is not uncommon for Patrons and Employers to provide some level of insurance, depending upon the situation & circumstances. It is also interesting to note that some branches of the genetic aristocracies, and some members of the Nobility tend to look upon insurance-recovered clones as lower than unrecognized bastards or unregistered by-blows and they generally are quite reluctant to acknowledge them as anything other than living remnants and no longer true Nobles. However this is a delicate matter and one best discussed within the privacy of each Estate or Manor, as every Dynasty, Lineage or House has their own unique traditions, internal policies, politics and on-going internecine negotiations, skullduggery, scandals and so forth. More than one Family has recanted their initial rejection of a Recovered Heir based upon the way events surrounding said heirs unfolded.

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