Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Lokyn: Adaptive Synthesists

Originally an orbital people, the Lokyn (Loh KIN) were forced to re-adapt to life on the surface of a harsh and unforgiving world after their network of ancestral habitats were infected with a particularly vile form of weaponized ventblight. They lost practically everything that their ancestors had built or developed for them in the forced migration to the world surface. But they endured. They adapted. The Lokyn are very good at adapting to circumstances.

Exiled from the habitat-structures they had painstakingly and intensively designed for, the Lokyn were faced with the difficult challenge of transforming themselves from a micro-gravity space-dwelling genoculture to one that could survive on the surface of a planet. Others who had been faced with a similar dilemna, such as the Downlost, had opted to turn their backs on what once was and to completely adapt to the ways of their new world. But the Lokyn had learned their lesson. They did not simply convert their physiologies to suit their new and unchosen environment. They instead set out to become the best at involuntary adaptation on a physical, structural level.

To improvise, adapt and overcome is the Lokyn way.

Physical Appearance
Lokyn are tall, well-built humans with a wide array of minor alterations and survival-oriented modifications that they prefer to refrain from displaying, including nictating eyelids, retracting blade-claws, enhanced skeletal structures, reinforced joints, redundant sub-organs, and numerous other enhancements, refinements or improvements. In fact there is no one complete and uncontested record of what specifically makes up the core Lokyn genome, which is heavily encrypted and held in private trust outside of the usual Public Domain archives. Certain traits have been optioned or released into the Commons, but only a small fraction of the overall Lokyn genomic profile is even suspected or projected and they intend to keep it that way.

Lokyn move with a comfortable grace, being intrinsically aware of their environment on a very immediate, personal and tactile level. They truly do know their limitations and constantly attempt to exceed them, to improve and better themselves constantly. Unlike other genocultures that have adopted forms of eugenics or social controls to guide their development, the Lokyn are individualists who pursue a self-actualizing intrinsic philosophy of self reliance, self improvement, and self sovereignty. No Lokyn speaks for any other. No Lokyn can hope to rule over any other--they either cooperate freely or not at all.

A Lokyn generally retains the liquid gold irises of their predecessors and in some instances they likewise honor their ancestors and forebearers by allowing their epidermis to shift coloration and refractive index based upon their immediate environment, allowing them to adjust to lighting conditions, ambient radiation, etc. in reflexive realtime. They also have an impressive array of nanotemplates recorded and embedded deep in their core genome that serves as a reservoir and repertoire of accumulated inventions, techniques and sub-systems for working with the inherited form of nanoplasm unique to their genoculture. On several occasions Lokyn have attempted to share some of these proprietary templates, but unless the user can extrude the hyper-encrypted nanoplasm of the Lokyn, it just does not work. Attempts to adapt or reverse-engineer these datasets has likewise proven difficult and for the most part no one bothers due to the sheer perverse cost of the process--it's ultimately far easier and better to just design parallel systems from the ground up instead. The Lokyn are considered the masters of exploiting the Gold Sequence of the Genomic Profile at the heart of the Human Inheritance--the inalienably private section of all Human Inheritors' DNA that cannot be transferred outside the Registered Genome of the Genoculture.

Cultural Aspects
Lokyn are a private people. They are given to meditation, introspection and are very adept strategists who are sometimes sought out as mercenary commanders. The Lokyn have spread far and wide throughout the Connected Territories and are very able Guides, Larkers, Ecoventurists, Naturalists, Adepts, Tricksters, Improvisationalists, and so forth. Very few of them pursue the path of a Genius or Mechanic as they strongly prefer a more hands-on approach with their technology, and because of their intimate integration with their ancestral systems and nanoplasm specifically, they do not much care for other people's machines. Their genoculture preserves the memory of their loss of the network of carefully designed habitats through no fault of their own save the inability to have planned for some sort of attack they never courted and never saw coming.

The ventblight death of their ancestral habitat network has scarred the Lokyn similarly to how the Toxic Age imprinted itself on so many genocultures that have arisen since. They are somewhat obsessive about their ability to survive both as a genoculture and as individuals. The Lokyn seem to take this obsession a bit farther than most, almost as though they are driven or compelled to survive against all odds and in the face of any circumstances. This drive to survive might have expressed itself as a grim form of determination much as the Khosrin are noted for, but instead the Lokyn are possessed of a pragmatic form of optimism rooted in their cultural predilection for improvisation, trickery and pranks. The Lokyn literally laugh in the face of death, destruction or deletion. They laugh and they overcome because their genes are scattered and, upon the telesocialmatrix registering that any Lokyn individual has succumbed to a form of death or destruction, a clone is automatically developed to carry on that individual's existence as an heir. And in true Lokyn tradition, upon achieving the age of majority, earning their status as an adult, and having passed the challenge of sentience, the cloned heir determines for themself what, if any of their predecessor's heritage they choose to claim, retain or abstain from. They are not a strict serial clone, but rather a slightly modified and highly trained and unique individual in their own right, one that carries a legacy of biology and memory that was freely bequeathed to them by their forebearer, just as the initial forebearers bequeathed the overall legacy of the Lokyn unto the genoculture. It is what a Lokyn does. It is their way.

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