Monday, January 10, 2011

Kuto Sebree: Metal-Scaled Dilettantes

Tall, elegant and scaled, the Kuto Sebree (KOO-toh Seh-BREE) are a human descended genoculture made up of aesthetically transfigured beings who are no longer strictly mammalian, nor exactly human, depending upon how such things are determined. Kuto Sebree deliberately ingest colloidal solutions of various metals on a regular basis. Their metabolisms digest and process these metals so that internal sub-cellular systems can transport and deposit the metals in delicately overlapping layers within their scales, one molecular layer at a time. The patterns of copper, iridium, gold, chromium and other metals can be extraordinarily beautiful and complex--even to the point of forming intricate abstract geometries or stylized symbols drawn from various classical sources.

Kuto Sebree delight in being able to go anywhere they like and to be able to do so without all the clunky appurtenances that most other genocultures require. They like being able to adjust their systems to exotic gasses, or to feel the searing caress of acid rain that would kill most other people. Kuto Sebree delight in extreme environments and are often drawn to the social circles of Larkers, Extremophiles, Ecoventurists and similar daredevils and explorers.

Physical Appearance
The Kuto Sebree wear only the most diaphonous of robes or wraps, often preferring to go with the most simple and revealing minimalist attire they can get away with, all the better to display their metallized scales. Some Kuto Sebree have retracting claws, others have stylized talons, and still others have blunt, human-looking nails. All of the Kuto Sebree have oversized and powerfully enhanced eyes protected by multiple filtrative-membranes. None of them have any hair whatsoever, their entire epidermis being entirely covered by layers of variform scales. They can modify the configuration, disposition, size and orientation of their scales. All Kuto Sebree spend years perfecting their look by way of entering into a trance-state and personally directing the sub-cellular metal deposition systems in their bodies. The level of concentration required to access the sub-cellular systems and to create art within their own scales is phenomenal and the Kuto Sebree are extremely gifted natural meditators. Their nervous systems have been modified to better accommodate the deep level of self analysis and mentally-directed self-modification. They also have a peculiar biochemistry that allows them to naturally chelate metals, store metals in their cells and assemble metallic compounds or even craft small metallic objects within their own flesh, most often through their scales.

Kuto Sebree have been known to deposit iron, titanium, or other such metals into the very tips of their scales in order to form nearly monomolecular edges that they then can expose with a simple flexing of the underlying muscles. Particularly ingenius Kuto Sebree have been known to extrude filaments, dissolving bladelets, and several other devious and clever items as part of their personal repertoire.

The Kuto Sebree deliberately modified themselves to incorporate a number of genomic traits into themselves and their descendants that include the innate ability to shift the chemistry of their cells and blood to make use of a wider range of atmospheric gasses than baseline humanity. They also have skeletons composed of silicaceous compounds with a vestigial calcium layer present in some individuals. Some have observed that in many respects the most human traits of the Kuto Sebree tend to be considered vestigial things. Their tolerance to radiation, bright light, and vibration is prodigious, indeed the only other genocultures that come close to the Kuto Sebree in this regard are the Vuko, Grong and Garteil. They are known to survive, even thrive in some fairly exotic environments few others can ever experience without extensive life support systems or other forms of protection.

Cultural Aspects
Aesthetics play a large role in the lives of the Kuto Sebree. Every decision they make is weighed in terms of its aesthetic impact or the impression it might make. They are an elegant people first and foremost, but not vain nor necessarily shallow. The Kuto Sebree know that they are a striking and exotic people, this is something that they take for obvious. Attempts to flatter a Kuto Sebree rarely work; they know that they are inordinately beautiful. Their ancestors deliberately designed them to be beautiful. Being beautiful is no real accomplishment to them, it just is the way things are; an expected outcome. Becoming more than a living bauble and achieving something other than being engagingly decorous is very important to most Kuto Sebree. They are rarely vain, but it has happened from time to time, often with tragic results for everyone with whom they were involved.

Kuto Sebree are neo-minimalists by nature, preferring to keep their personal technologies to an unobtrusive level and concealing all but the most obvious mechanisms usually within specialized micropockets under specialized scales. Tasteful and impeccable design means everything to the Kuto Sebree, most of whom never actually design anything themselves but rather they prefer to patronize and support gifted designers, craftsfamilies and artists who meet with their personal approval. Nearly every Kuto Sebree knows a few good designers, genartists, scripters, or whatever, and they are almost always ready to make a recommendation or referral to the most stylish, trendy or in vogue studios, labels or vendors.

Holidays, celebrations and festivals are important to the Kuto Sebree. They live for such occasions. Any opportunity to strut their stuff is a good thing. Parties are where they do all of their business and the social calendar of a Kuto Sebree is nearly always jam-packed for months ahead if not a year out or more. Scheduling is an artform to the Kuto Sebree and for the most part they tend to excel at it, possibly because of invitro indoctrination regimens or perhaps through a form of imprinting. Whatever the reason, Kuto Sebree tend to make excellent social secretaries, major domos, party planners and entertainment directors, as well as gossip mavens, professional companions, social networkers, marketers and charmers. They seem to have an innate, instinctual grasp of human emotional interactions and psychology that is extremely accurate even when they lack formally developed empathic capabilities. Kuto Sebree tend to just know how something might affect another person. Most of the time this is not a consciously developed talent, and is just something that they do without any thought or effort. When it is developed, it is a powerful edge and the root of a number of specialized techniques few others can match.

Kuto Sebree do not really maintain a separate culture outside of the rest of humanity or the human descended so much as they are extremely social beings who move from social setting to clique to gathering to whatever, and all the while look incredible and enjoy themselves immensely while doing it. Kuto Sebree need other people. They do not enjoy isolation. They require ongoing stimulus and regular social interaction. In that respect at least they are very human indeed.

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