Sunday, January 16, 2011

Informational Hierarchies: Oral Tradition Table from the not-so-old-days

A Deprecated (D20-esque) Approach to Information-Hierarchies in Riskail
In light of the very excellent points recently raised by Porky in his excellent post Sensor Range, we thought that we'd share this deprecated table from our ill-fated attempt to develop a D20-based system for Riskail.

We added a column for Distance that could be swapped-out with the Type of Knowledge in order to facilitate use of this scheme for sorting out how far a telepath could perceive, the range on encrypted communications, Artilect Perceptions, and a host of other stuff on one quick & easy chart. It worked fine and we're adapting it to the current incarnation of the system that is under construction. The even earlier monstrosity of a chart was a D100 table that just was unwieldy as all get out. Thankfully, that chart is missing, probably in storage and hopefully will never rear its ugly head ever again.

Porky proposed the use of the term Cimelium for measuring Experience similarly to how Qualia is sometimes used for measuring aspects of knowledge. It's a good call. We'll adopt it forthwith.

Porky also raises issues regarding souls and reincarnation--two very essential things in Riskail (and more darkly fantastically in Zalchis, but in completely Other ways...) that we will be getting to shortly. They dovetail nicely with the Chakras and some of the other pieces that have been in editing for a while now. As for ghosts, yes, there are ghosts in Riskail, many, many ghosts, some digital, some digitized, some recordings, some ectoplasmic imprints, some artifacts of memory or glitches in consciousness. There are a wide variety of these sorts of things in the background, some of whom might become very important or extremely significant depending upon the situation or circumstances. There are also those who treat such things as exploitable resources that they can collect, salvage, process or develop, even trade as a commodity.

Consciousness is the root or crux of all this, however. It is Consciousness that enables Perception which facilitates Knowledge. How Information fits into this is where you get Paradigmatic Structures, Cultural Attitudes, Observer Effects, and stuff like that.

Bear with us--we're developing the artwork that goes with the Chakras and related posts and they are not going anywhere until they have the appropriate images attached. But we'll move those posts back to the front of the stack, alongside the Demonology stuff for Trey.

Thanks for reading this stuff Porky--and doubly Thanks for your contribution to helping make all this weirdness make more sense. We welcome informed insights and inspirations like yours very happily and very gratefully. You've made us both smile, even though you've just torpedoed our workload plans. It's a nice problem to have.

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  1. Wowee - thank you too for the kind words! Not to mention the deeper insight into the world the comments here give. That chart itself provides dense, rich cimelia.

    I'm sorry I torpedoed those plans, and I hope as much as possible can be salvaged - it was surely excellent work. At least you're smiling..!

    And to be one of those who definitely get it is a badge of honour I'll wear with great pride.


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