Friday, January 28, 2011

Gene Banks

Gene Banks are the ancient and accepted licensed, bonded, chartered, and duly established Repositories of Record for all forms of genomic refinements, biological templates, and all related and subsequent research, experimentation and development based upon the Inherited Human Genome. From the earliest records of Prehistory to the very latest mods, inserts, snippets and sequences being released into the Public Domain each month, the Gene Banks are the custodians, caretaker-keepers and executor-dispensers of all this accumulated wealth and biodiversity. The legacies of every genomist, genartist and biopolitan is in the care and keeping of the Gene Banks. They preserve the registrations, records, documentation, accumulated data, private and public datacaches, infonodes, and repliscripts for everything that any of them ever attempted, tried or implemented, both in terms of models, virts, compo-simulacrae or full releases.

Matters of Legacy, Inheritance & Civilization
The Gene Banks are based upon the enduring legacy of the Life Vaults established deep within the major moons of every solar system where the Deep Infrastructure has opened up human-compatible environments. They maintain the Registry for all the works of legitimate genartists and their ilk, and they preserve and disseminate the ongoing legacies of those who have voluntarily shared their research and efforts with the Public, or whose estates are now facing the imminent lapse in their private status and will shortly have their legacies made Publicly accessible.

A few rare individuals have been able to win extensions to forestall such conversion into the Public Domain, but the reaction to this has often been so negative as to wipe-out any gains preserved by the attempt. It has become standard practice to split-off as much fresh research from anything proprietary that anyone has on-hand as quickly and thoroughly as possible so that when the core materials do go Public, this is not a disruption in the process, and those who have had privileged access can then monitor any subsequent Public developments in comparison with their own private efforts.

No one invented the core genomes, thus no one owns 'humanity,' or any of the other biolineages descended from the root genomes of Old Earth. It is all part of the common legacy, the shared Inheritance of all descendents of those who have come before. No one really owns this information. It is free and open access to everyone in the spirit of fostering Free Inquiry.

It is a fundamental assertion of Civilization that no one can own the human genome--that it belongs to us all and is held in trust for the future heirs who have every bit as legitimate a claim on it as we do. One cannot stake any realistic claim on the work that has preceded all other efforts by millennia, whether it be the result of random chance, nature or god. They have only an interest in the actual, personal work that they have invested in analyzing and understanding the implications of the Human Inheritance—and thus they gain the benefit of the 100 years of Privatization, before it is rolled-out to the Public. Such efforts are rooted in the overall Inheritance of us all, thus it is only right and proper that it becomes the property of us all, held in common for all who come after. The one hundred years of limited monopoly over whatever discoveries one can make is a legacy of the bloody wars fought over so-called soft property during the Terror, when corporate-states fought to place their selfish interests over individuals or the collective simultaneously by pursuing prejudicial policies that pursued abstract profits based upon logistically orchestrated shortages, dishonest denial of access, and untold suffering instead of making legitimate, responsible efforts on behalf of us all. This was before Stewardship was implemented as something other than a catchword or some vaguely defined pseudo-religious concept. The gates ended the Terror just as Stewardship set into motion the Enlightenment that has led to Civilization.

Regarding Those Who Won't Play Well With Others
Non-registered efforts have no protection, and are seen as hack-work—potentially dangerous, legally gray and often unethical or wastes of time as they go in circles re-inventing and re-covering established ground in ignorance of what has already been done by others. Very rarely does anything useful come from this sort of effort. Most individuals who pursue this form of clandestine privacy are typically considered to be suffering from a form of mental/emotional illness and once diagnosed-sentenced are remanded to the care of an Asylum-Chateau, such as at Diodatti, where it is highy unlikely that they will pose any sort of threat to anyone and they might have every opportunity to recover from their affliction or derangement. If some inmate within an institution does manage to create or discover something unique or of import, they gain full credit and can have their case re-appraised by local authorities who sometimes release them from the Asylum-Chateaus, but only if they are willing to personally take responsibility for the former inmate. Most such inmate-innovators end up signing over their discoveries to the Public Domain in order not to fall under the thumb of opportunisitc civil servants.

Wheeling and Dealing
Gene Banks also engage in a wide range of financial dealings based upon what is in Public Domain, what is about to go Public, and what is in negotiations to go Public sooner than the 100 year mark. Early releases can be especially lucrative in terms of social impacts, influence, fashion, etc. There are numerous speculative bodies engaged in this sort of trade and they mean major business amongst the Abstracts, virts, softborn and those digital communities that are most immediately affected by such developments. The management of the entire ongoing process of disseminating new information, profiles, templates and datasets into the mainstream is a very demanding and important task. Sudden developments, such as a genartist deciding to make their work available fifty years earlier than expected can send shockwaves throughout the system. Reactions ripple outwards and soon all sorts of other repercussions and consequences are taking place in realtime.

The Markets surrounding the Gene Banks and the Collective Legacy of us all are a volatile, ever-changing, always morphing tangled mass of personalities, policies, data and speculation where fortunes, fame, reputations and attributions rise, fall, shift and get re-negotiated endlessly. New techniques, new approaches, fresh templates, disruptive technologies, startling discoveries, unique modalities all come pouring and surging through the Markets on their way into the Public Domain and ubiquitous adoption or access. It is within the Markets that things not yet released are traded and bartered, things that are decades out from adoption are sought after, either legitimately or otherwise. Diseases and cures for these diseases are debated and exploited before they are even known outside the Markets. Plagues are bought and sold and unleashed or averted daily within the Markets as though they were seething centers of pestilence. New species of animals, plants or microbes are brought onto the Market all the time, as are revisions, reconfigurations, and cheap knock-offs. Designers compete with one another to develop unique Organisms or brand-new species, creating bizarre new genoforms, or even attempting to establish entirely new genocultures. Exotic sequences and rare genetic-relics are hot commodities. Entire lineages are traded and exchanged. What was merely speculative becomes material reality daily as the discoveries, designs and wealth of development invested in the Gene Banks inexorably rolls forwards and onwards--but don't worry--there are always plenty of new and pending releases on the horizon.

The Gene Banks record, store and act as a clearinghouse for all the biodiversity and genartistry that takes place within the Known Worlds. They are the Public Domain interface for the Life Vaults and the custodians of all biological forms of Inheritance as coded into the Golden Sequence of all recognized descendents.

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