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Exocultures: Seimgress System-State

Seimgress is the central city-state of the planet Lajedda and the primary sociopolitical nexus of the Uydro system. It was terraformed by a clonadic faction registered only as 'The Founders.' All registered outsystem gates are located within the political boundaries of the Seimgress HyperTower on Lajedda. Immigration is strictly limited to short-term visitors or those applying to join one of the clonadic lineages. Unlike most clone-based cladistic societies, the lineages of Seimgress encourage and welcome outsiders to join their society in the hopes that they might bring along fresh insights, new ideas, novel approaches, and diverse genomic sequences that will then enrich the overall Collective. Many outcaste, urchin-born, and de-claded individuals come to Seimgress in the hopes that they will be accepted into one of the clonade lineages. Competition is fierce and the lineages only select the very best of the best.

It is Seimgress that holds the Gates to this system, and it is Lajedda that holds the major population centers of this socioseparatist system-nation. The Greenbelt and Coldbelt regions are primarily orbital wilderness areas consisting of gate-connected bubbles, shells, spindles and other structures that have been allowed to develop freefall forests, savannaspheres, or other more exotic and oftentimes random biomes. The gates of the two belt-systems are only tangentially connected to the platforms located around the lower circumference of the Seimgress HyperTower as part of the overall system-level biome support established by The Founders.

There are several other quasi-planets orbiting the K-sequence star Uydro as well as a pair of well-developed and sparsely populated debris belts which have spawned a thriving habitat-wilderness made up of mostly solo-colonies of isolated individuals, as well as a few scattered isosocieties of separtist groups that have voluntarily withdrawn from formal participation in Polite Society. Quite a few individuals who have not been selected to join one of the lineages, for whatever reason, often go onwards to either of the debris-belt regions to take up a reclusive, withdrawn existence or to await a summons that they just know will come, someday.

Seimgress HyperTower
Crystalline and sleek, the HyperTower rises like a colossal art nouveau flower from the midst of the sprawling megapolis that has grown-up around its base. All features and aspects of life within Seimgress are under the scrutiny and approval of the Aesthetithority, a dedicated metaorganism devoted entirely to the ongoing development and maintenance of the aesthetics established by The Founders. There is an entire clonadic lineage devoted to serving the aesthetic directions of the Aesthetithority. They have sublimated their own individual creativity and assimilated themselves into a greater collective-form that explores collaborative creativity on a larger-scale than any singleton could ever hope to attempt.

A Center of Learning and Fashion
Seimgress is a thriving and very lively artistic, intellectual and scientific community, though one is encouraged to forego such limiting, faux-reductionist terms within this society as they prefer to see Art and Science as a conjoined whole that the clonadic lineages are dedicated to integrating into everything they do, say, or create.

The Universities and Academic Campuses of Seimgress are extremely elitist and it is extraordinarily difficult to gain entrance to them without the direct patronage of a specific clonadic lineage. Officially, one need not be a member of a particular lineage, but it certainly helps. The various lineages do sponsor a small number of exchange students, but the level of non-disclosure and non-compete contractual arrangements often stymie and rankle most outside scholars who harbor personal ambitions beyond serving the clonadic collectives.

That said, Seimgress remains at the very cutting edge of materials design and macroscale engineering. Student groups from the Seimgress Academies have been involved in numerous major building projects and experiments such as various Niven Rings, establishing Cirruspheric Wildernesses and Extended Communities (often modeled on the Greenbelt and Coldbelt habitat-systems), designing entire gas giant archipelagoes (such as Talibarr...), creating macrocologies and developing or refining some aspects of the Aquaducts of Xembor.

The Designers of Seimgress, on the other hand, are forever attempting to outdo one another as they develop new materials, new processes, new templates, new approaches that revolutionize any and every field of human endeavor or expression that they can latch onto or sink their metaphorical teeth into. They are always looking for some new area to explore, or to develop, or to exploit. The top designers often employ myriads of agents whom they task with going out unto the Core Worlds and other cultures, societies and polities to seek out bold new ideas, strange concepts, fresh interpretations and any least smidgen of novelty or newness possible.

Each Season the entire community of designers introduce their latest and greatest offerings that clients come from all over the Known Worlds of the Connected Territories to bid upon, argue over and attempt to acquire for their various patrons, sub-clients, and masters who are often amongst the highest levels of the Nobility, Celebrity, or other Hierarchies. Needless to say, corporate-level semantic, visual and imaginal espionage are rife in this place. Every form of security, counter-intelligence and discretionary operations are integral aspects of day-to-day existence in Seimgress, which may well be one of the most heavily monitored and recorded societies in history.

In Seimgress, it is said, even the paparazzi have paparazzi following them around.

A famous comedian once remarked that only in Seimgress could one be Recovered before they were born. For some reason the comedian was stricken from the public record within this system...and just whispering their name is enough to have the Aesthetithority initiate the expulsion/deportation process.

The Seimgress Solar System in Brief
Uydro is a fairly unremarkable K-type star. A diffuse sphere of University-Sanctioned experimental platforms surrounds it at various depths, each one set up to test new materials under development by various scholars, designers and student-groups. Each of these platforms is directly connected to the University gate plazas and are under strict security.

Yllmitir is a hot, rocky Mercury-esque body with only a handful of University-Sanctioned mobile aerodomes picking their way across the blasted and melted landscape, each one exploring the geology and the potential industrial applications of this novel environment. The gates connected to each of these vessels are located in the Kaufman-Kasparov Cosmodrome, a large-scale structure on the University campus noted for retaining its own independent security forces.

The Greenbelt is the heavily overgrown debris belt left over from the planetary accretion disk. Vast stands of vaccoaks and other space-adapted plants and other organisms are scattered hither and yon across this region that has become more of a green-tinted shell than a strict belt formation. Thousands of unclaimed and undirected habitats are part of the overall gate-connected macrocology. The Greenbelt has been designated an Orbital Wilderness Region and as such it is held in trust by the Deep Infrastructure outside of the whims and regulations of the polities of Seimgress or other bodies in-system. Quite a number of student-organized Anarcho-Tribal Affinity-Kinships have attempted to establish a presence within the Greenbelt, but few have managed to last very long. There are many, many recluses, hermits and socially-withdrawn individuals who have set-up homesteads within the Greenbelt. Trespassing is strongly discouraged. Often by force.

Leivule is a rogue dwarf-planet that has been captured by Lajedda and maintained in an artificial orbit forty-five degrees off of the ecliptic. This microworld is encapsulated in overlapping layers of polymeric compounds allowing it to be used as a massive laboratory for the development of exotic substances, materials and compounds both biologically derived and chemically synthesized. Access to Leivule is limited to elite graduate students and tenured faculty. Securing a permit for non-University personnel to visit Leivule is extremely difficult and has only happened three times in recorded history. Alumni, it is worth noting, have a far easier time getting access to Leivule. The gate to this world is heavily warded, guarded and sealed within the Carver-Pasteur Arcospherium.

The Seimgress HyperTower is the very heart and soul of this solar system and houses hundreds of thousands of registered individuals including a sizeable community of virts and softborn. At the height of each Season the population can triple for weeks at a time. The clonadic lineages are very careful and conscientious to limit offworlder tourism, trade and mediocity to levels that the Aesthetithority can manage.

Lajedda is a verdant, lushly overgrown world known for its baroque hovering gardens and sculpted arbors where designers hold formal lawn parties, hedge-dances, pre-release shows for the extra-privileged, and other such high society events. Access to Lajedda is only available via the gates at the base of the Seimgress HyperTower and if anything is even more restrictive and exclusive than any other part of the system-state.

The Orbital Freestates are a staggered series of micro-systems and lagrangist structures that have been left in-place over the centuries by various student-groups, faculty and designers. The records for each structure are often encrypted, buried within obscure archives, and left behind as a combination prank and parting statement by honorable, established academic tradition. Various fraternal orders sponsor the development of legacy Freestates to be designed according to annual criteria as part of an ongoing academic scholarship and recognition program. Those Freestates that are not part of such a recognized program outnumber the sanctioned ones by at least ten to one in any given year. The access-gate(s) to these clandestine student-project Freestates can be located anywhere, indeed some competitors take great pains to devise unique and highly secret points of access...while others go to great pains to seek them out and report them to passworded infosites in the local datasphere. Sometimes the two groups run afoul of one another and the matte black telecops have had to intervene on occasion. This is rarely a good thing.

The Coldbelt is a much sparser Orbital Wilderness Region than the Greenbelt, being a networked series of gate-connected orbital habitats that are anchored on various sorts of debris, more often forms of ice than rocky cores, but there are rocky bits out there as well. A gate-linked sub-network of icy-cold fresh water cascades through the deep-fjords carved into the core of thousands of icier Coldbelt bodies.

In Relation to Riskail
Seimgress is one of the Exocultures that maintains an active embassy and a direct gate-connection to Riskail within the Twelfth Tier's Zero District, with a more formal Academic Access gate within the Grand Central Terminal on the Academy's Campus. One can also take the Pararail to Seimgress, if you don't mind taking a few weeks or months to get there, depending on the route and seasonal timetable. No known River Network connects to Seimgress, nor does any Sea Gate. Access is limited and can be withdrawn at any moment, should the Aesthetithority determine that further contact is socially contaminating, culturally degrading or distasteful. So far, Riskail is in good standing with Seimgress, but there have been various Old Regimes in Riskail's history that endangered the continued connection with Seimgress...


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