Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Of Talibarr

Talibarr is a large moon orbiting a gas-giant within a binary solar-system. It is also a city that has grown to encompass and cover nearly all of the surface and much of the sub-surface of the moon. It has been cut-off from the Known Worlds for just over 500 years* due to the direct hacking of the gates by the now-defunct faction known as the Azure Wrath, a group of bio-fanatics who sought to establish a bizarre utopia by eliminating all humans, except themselves, and establishing a geno-socialist caste-based hierarchical society that they would administer on behalf of the poor benighted urfolk whom they selflessly sought only to empower and make equal with the rest of the races of the Known Worlds.

The promised paradise perished within the first minutes of the Severing, when the gates to the outside were shut down forcibly. The Azure Wrath lasted less than a dozen years before they were finally extinguished by their own internecine squabbles. One of their number unleashed a proscribed weapon-form so horrific in nature that to this day it is only referred to as the actual Azure Wrath and is rumored to be a gaunt figure clad in ragged clothes, covered in supporating sores, and masked as though about to attend a revel of some macabre sort.

Crows, rats, roachers, rolly-pollies, possuns, and other animal-descended races have had five hundred years to integrate themselves into the ruined and failing infrastructure of Talibarr. Spiders have taken over the canals, worm-things claim certain decrepit areas no one else will challenge them for, and the myriad hybrids, halfcastes, and rampant experiments of the madmen and monsters of the Azure Wrath hunt, prowl and own the worlds still linked by the Seagates that string together the Moons of Shuubra into an archipelago of worlds unto themselves.

And into this maelstrom of decay and collapse, of bitterness and betrayal comes a lowly drijj, obscure beyond reckoning, worthless and without a clue. Pitiful and tiny, a mutant creature whose blood is so tainted and toxic that even the spiders won't take him, a pathetic figure mocked by pigeons and somehow, the one person who can make things right again. Perhaps.
*See: The Stuff That Dreams Are Made Of at the Talibarr blog for some idea of how that ended.  More details on Talibarr, the moons and worlds of the Archipelago, and related matters will be available at the Talibarr blog or here, at the Riskail blog, or both. Everything will be cross-linked. Fiction centered around the Talibarrian Archipelago will be consolidated over at Riskail Fiction. The adventures of Rist amongst the ruins of the Talibarrian city-moon have only just begun.


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