Monday, September 13, 2010

Regarding Diodatti

On the advice of a good friend and fellow creator-type, we've been re-working, revising and editing the existing installment of the Asylum-Chateau of Diodotti from the ground-up, which has been taking far more time to deal with that we had at first expected or suspected.  Oh well.  Better done right than done half-way and crappy.  Progress is being made, and we'll re-launch the series once we have the thing in one revised piece that can be broken-out into regular installments via this blog, followed by a pdf released as we determine later, when we get to that particular bridge.

The unplanned summer hiatus has actually been quite helpful and useful, and we expect to be back in the saddle and posting away on our new schedule by the end of this week.  Thanks for bearing with us during the unintentionally awkward silence.

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