Thursday, July 8, 2010

A World in Twilight

There are thousands of worlds reachable from Riskail by way of the myriads of gate networks that lead outwards unto other solar systems, other galaxies, other planar layers and more.  So far we've detailed only a handful of worlds for some of the peripheral Networks.  Now we intend to explore the various Networks themselves, including the Gate Plazas, Pararail, Sea Gates and Balconies, but first there needs to be an Overview of the Gates and the Networks.  We'll also be returning to the remaining River Gate Networks and exploring them just as we have the River Zonges.  There will also be another Twelve Obelisk Gates and the Umbrarch of Mishtang will be back to lend a helping hand to an expedition across a dozen or more Planar Layers and Resonant Spaces.  Then there are the Tyrant Clock-Tripods, the White Ships of the Leiru and how they both are connected to the Mugallo Arches and the worlds that can be found out past those artifacts of the Deep Past.

There's a lot of territory to cover, and it is going to take some time to get it all dealt with, so bear with us as we get things sorted out between our various blogs and get Riskail up and running once and for all.

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