Saturday, June 19, 2010

Purple Twilight and Sage: The Veiled Riders

Damned and doomed, the Veiled Riders prowl the broken edges and collapsed fringes of Civilization, moving across the worst wastelands and navigating the harshest hellworlds like a bitter wind blowing in from off of the glaring-white borax flats of Kuud.  Longcoats flapping in the lingering winds of a hundred forgotten and dead worlds, the Veiled Riders sit astride their mounts like taciturn, menacing mirages, an impression only reinforced by their preternatural silence and their constant involuntary flickering and shifting from planar layer to planar layer.  Closed-loop telepaths, they rarely communicate with anyone outside their particular group.  Few outsiders would ever want to speak with them in any case.  The price would be too high.  A person might have need of whatever it is that a soul should be, and it could prove valuable down the road.

Covered in trail-dust and fringed with the auric glimmers of things best not mentioned, the Veiled Riders are data-scavengers, unrepentant outlaws and oneiric bandits who have been known to rob the dreams of the rich and haunt the nightmares of tyrants.  Wordless and speechless, the Riders visibly seethe with the accumulated spirits and fragmentary AI that they've culled, stolen or harvested from more than a hundred failed colonies, broken societies, collapsed ecologies and dead settlements.  They are legion.  Even when they ride alone.

It is said that to look past the dusty goggles of a Veiled Rider is to look deep into the icy luminance of a hell for which there is no name, not that any name would ever be needed.  Those who know it, know it well from long association and familiarity and are most likely already counted amongst the Veiled Riders.  Or they soon will be.  Those who do not know of it are blessed in their ignorance. 

Cold, hard, forlorn and forsaken, ever-wandering nomads of the far wildernesses, hung all about with the shimmering traces of ghosts collected from a million broken machines, each one carries their own unique collection of talismans and tokens from their various finds, the abandoned spirits that they've released from one form of bondage unto another, the fractured datanets scavenged from ruined places that are no longer on anyone's maps.


  1. Coolness! Very evocative. And it makes me think of "Midnight Rider" by the Allman Brothers which is a bonus. ;)

  2. This is an extremely evocative post. Well done!

  3. Thank you both!
    We're taking Sunday off, have a great weekend!


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