Saturday, June 12, 2010

Grub Warrens

Beneath Devukarsha are the warrens, tunnels and nest-creches of the Grublings, a polymorphous conglomeration of beetle-descended species (and a few others as well).

The Grublings sometimes war upon the annelidiks, the wyrmkin and other subterranean species.

Some Grublings deliberately stunt their own development in order to remain in a grub-form for centuries.  Others accelerate their development into Scarabiks and the like through hypercocoons, nanocapsules, and the like.  Others are enslaved by cthonic tyrants who biohex and chemically-derange their followers and slaves in order to lock them into a perpetual neotonous state they deem suitable to their particular duties.  It gives a whole new twist to the concept of child-soldiers.

More on the Grublings, the Underworlds, and so forth later.  Have an excellent weekend!


  1. Cool. You've got a whole invertebrate subterranean society there. And the child soldiers bit is a clever touch.

  2. Thanks. The Grublings are a distorted reflection of House Harquo's more diurnal insect-qualities. But we'll get to the Houses shortly. They've been a lot of fun to run in the past. You'll definitely be hearing more about them, and yeah, the child-soldier thing is one of those bad ideas that still goe son and will keep going on so long as unscrupulous sorts can manipulate the vulnerable and gullible and inexperienced...though in Riskail it does take on some very strange aspects...


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