Sunday, May 30, 2010

Bleak Worlds: Zangliss

Zangliss.  One of the Bleak Worlds.  The Basic Database Entry reads as follows:
Zangliss (Zan-Gliss)

Dim, smoldering red skies filled with billowing red clouds, a tortured surface wracked with constant upheavals of red ice, red rocks and generally as red an environment as can be managed, all of it just this side of the kind of cold that usually burns the life out of things. Zangliss has an eccentric, tidally-locked orbit that keeps it caught in the perpetual eclipse of its massive red sun caused by its parent gas giant. What life there is can be found in the inconstant meltwater zones girdling the incredibly salt-saturated seas of slush that sluggishly jumble and tumble the myriads of jagged icebergs and ice floes that freeze out from the super-saturated mineral-solution that makes up the majority of what passes for water on this world. In the meltwater zones there are over a hundred different micro-climates that form under the steady, regular cyclic phases of heating and cooling brought about by the tidal effect of the gas giant that no one has bothered to name beyond its registration number and icon sequence within the Open Source/Public Access sections of the Autonomous Construction System databases made available since the last Revolution. Aside from some shrimp and a few red-tinged protozoa there's not much to see here. Except for the ring of colossal stone faces that hang brooding solemnly in a perfect circle around the equatorial zone, each one the masterpiece of a single robotic sculptor who has since left for other venues. But why was it ever built in the first place?

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