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Twelve Feral Viruxes from Riskail

Viruxes are Memeto-Nanological infections that have been designed, modified and often re-vised or hacked over time until they have acquired all sorts of strange, exotic and often dangerous quirks, capabilities or effects. Especially the non-domesticated forms that travel around as free-floating infections of opportunity in some of the less hospitable regions and questionable biomes of wrecked worlds or collapsed closed-ecologies where entire clades have fallen to some mutated nanopathogen that once served them or protected them from the horrors of the worlds outside their arcology-fortresses.

Some viruxes have acquired a peculiar form of infectious sentience (Jalvom, Trosgallium, and The Satrapy of Pu'Nonj for example), others have evolved into bizarre mandlebrot-like re-iterations of themselves so dense that they cover entire worlds with themselves such as the fractal-gardens of Kaltru or the writhing viromass that is known as GradineIV.  Still other viruxes have become secret tyrants ruling whole societies from deep within the very cells of their subjects such as the alledgedly voluntary virosodality of Zedivoor, the Host of Baldravium, the Choirs of Sheedra or even as is rumored to be the case with the eugenicist enclades of Simix and Voshkaim. But those we can talk about another time, in another post. Instead, here are twelve examples of the sorts of feral viruxes that could be encountered by the unwary or inflicted upon the unlucky.  Especially by the Plaguecasters of Romthule and the pestilential viromummies of Shal'Pish who are both known inflicters and carriers of various and sundry unregistered and unsavory forms of viruxes.

Twelve Feral Viruxes from Riskail
  1. Rampantatory Accessorization or Morphogenic Integration - Those infected develop an intense and feverish hyper-rational fixation (obsession) with integrating foreign biological materials, organs or structures into their own bodies. From the reports of those few who have recovered from this virux, the affected see everything in aesthetic terms, as complimentary or non-complimentary shapes that they are compelled to re-arrange, combine and re-organize via personal surgery, geninsertion, grafting, or any other means that they can discover or access.
  2. Marching Moronism - Victims have their brains melted into a hyper-pliable state fixated upon continuous, cadenced movement. They loose all critical thinking capability, forget everything that mattered, and begin to march, mindlessly and mechanically. As the contagion spreads the victims synchronize and organize into ranks. Some variants of this virux have been modified so that victims also perform various drills and routines. The victims will march until they fall off of a cliff, drown in a canal, or otherwise become incapable of continuing forwards, at which point they deliquesce into mounds of undifferentiated organic goo. Note: even in death, the victim will continue to march if the way is clear before them.
  3. Mycellial Purgation - Victims begin to slough-off those cells and implants not compatible with particular strains of fungi that then take over the host's body from a sub-cellular level in the course of a three hour hyper-fever complete with intense hallucinations. Should they survive this descent into the so-called mycellial dreamspace, the victims become so integrated into the genetic profile of their infecting fungi that they become living, composite organisms partaking of both genomes in a wide variety of ways, almost each case being somewhat unique in its particular expression.
  4. Orgasmorte or Thanaturge - Those caught-up within the pestilent debauchery brought-on by this grotesquely hedonistic extremophage find themselves increasingly feverish, ecstatic, with no inhibitions about anything and driven to excess in all forms of sensory stimulus. It sounds like fun, and for the first couple of hours it can be, for some, but the virux exponentially accelerates both the need for stimulus and the victim's capacity to receive sensory input, often expanding the range of their senses beyond anything their nervous system was designed to process. Madness is the least of their problems as the virux is relentless in driving the victim onwards in a cycle of escalation until their entire nervous system burns out, their heart explodes and their mind implodes simultaneously in what is rumored to be the most erotic of deaths imaginable. It is rumored that certain neo-tantrik sects have been able to reprogram deprecated forms of this virux, or the related Caligulyst variant, recovered from the remains of past victims in order to create more survivable forms that they then make available on the black market, but of course no one has ever confirmed this rumor.
  5. Weep - Infection by this virux results in uncontrollable sobbing coupled with a profound depression that only intensifies and deepens through any and every interaction of any kind, sort or type whatsoever. Sorrows and other repressed feelings gush forth, not only purging the victim of the pent-up emotions, but scouring their brains and cauterizing those areas of the nervous system that correspond with the triggered emotions, forever destroying those parts of them and implanting a perniciously encrypted form of cellular-level blackwarding that prevents all attempts at recovery by the simple expedient of literally melting the victim's entire brain and nervous system into a bloody froth should any attempt to repair or recover those sections be detected by the blackware. It is believed that there are other emotion-targeting viruxes similar to Weep still active out in the Known Worlds, with reports of several varieties allegedo be still infesting the ruins of Parj, Kambroo and the decimated wastes of Linjoss where the black and angular devil-mills still spew toxins and belch forth acidic clouds of sooty disassembly motes beneath three dim, and now thoroughly dead moons.
  6. Wrongevity - A vile pestilence derived from some unknown hacker's attempt to rewrite the ancient Methuselah Plague into something less doctrinaire. Wrongevity does impart a form of life-extension, after a fashion, but it does so in a severe and horrific manner that most sane people reject as too crude and willfully barbaric to countenance, outside of a few small deviant cliques or underground social circles. The infected victim of this virux can only sustain their pseudo-youthful neotonous stage of biological development – what amounts to their peak of physical fitness and vitality – by feeding upon the tellomeres and certain other structures found within the cells of other humans. But this is not just a crude form of pseudo-vampirism, nor is it a ghul-tagion, what makes Wrongevity horrid is that it requires those infected by it to derive this sustenance directly, personally, first-hand by extracting it by whatever means necessary from the cell-plasm of their victims and no matter how much they can extract, once they have tasted even the smallest sample, they can no longer accept another infusion from that source. Each extraction is a one-time-only deal. Those who have their germ-plasm extracted are counter-infected with a mirror-form contagion that viciously unwinds their tellomeres so that they suffer the deleterious effects of aging in the most catastrophic and rapid manner possible. You get to live forever, so long as you don't mind destroying countless people in order to do it. There are theories amongst some few biomantiks that this viruxive complex was the work of some Second Diaspora bio-activist from before the Sea gates opened, but that hasn't helped anyone to find a way to crack the maze-sheathing encoded directly into the protein-structures of this virux. For all intents and purposes, once infected, you belong to the virux, body and soul.
  7. Mnemesis - This virux rewrites the victim's deepest memories into a completely new sequence that they firmly believe to be completely real, true and accurate but are absolutely false and in the course of doing this rewriting, the virux re-channels the victims' synapses and modifies their chemical memory, kinesthetic memory and a host of other finer and subtler forms of memory on such a profound and deep level that there awake from the fever-trance with a completely different past than any they might actually have lived.
  8. Sensifier - Victims find one of their senses amped-up to the absolute limits of their capacity to perceive, apprehend, receive or collect such impressions, regards of their ability to process the impressions. The effects are rapid, painful and destructive, usually killing the victim within a few minutes, however a parallel form dubbed the 'Usherik Variant' is known which takes weeks or months to slowly, tortuously enhance all the victim's senses in a random pattern determined by a sadistic algorithm which has so far defied analysis. These victims die, eventually, though that often comes as small consolation for the torment that they go through.
  9. Scabrosity - The victim's skin erupts into millions of micro-lesions that produce an all-over sheath of scabrous material that continually tears and re-coagulates, forming a hideously disfiguring layer of accumulated scabs across their entire skin surface. As the scabs accrete, they begin to infiltrate all the mucous membranes of the victim's body, eventually choking them to death on their own dried blood. There are those who have adopted sealed samples of this virux for use as a particularly grotesque form of execution or assassination.
  10. Mutaphony – Victims undergo a feverish state of delirium while their genome is mapped by the virux and then all their cells are systematically over-written and edited into one random configuration after another in a sequential process of transitional metamorphosis that explores all the myriad possibilities inherent in their personal genetics. Some versions burn themselves out at random, others continue re-sequencing and reconfiguring their victims until they reach a set level of viability or they can be completely random. One major variant is the so-called 'Darwinophony' virus which reduces the victim to a seething, writhing pool of biological mater from which the whole spectacle of evolution plays itself out for as long as the host can survive the drastic and painful transformations, and yes, they remain conscious through the entire experience. Few have survived the experience, though some have been recovered at various points in their re-evolution with mixed results.
  11. Mindbarf, Brainvomit or Operator - This virux lodges in the host's brain and hyper-stimulates those areas responsible for telepathy into a convulsive, frenzy of self-revelation through immediate, indiscriminant telepathic confession to any and everyone within the range of their ability to contact via their blessedly short-term telepathic abilities which are so accelerated as to literally burn the brain to ash, often popping their skull from the sheer amount of heat produced.. Confessions gained through this means are almost never admissible in the Magistrate's courts.
  12. Vile Sterility - Originally developed as a punishment for certain socially proscribed indiscretions during the reign of the Khan of Red Simourja, this virux has proliferated due to its self-modification ability, allowing it to reach across a thousand worlds who know nothing of the Khan, nor in fact what impropriety the virux was meant to penalize people for exactly. In its most common derivative form, this virux shuts down the victim's reproductive system and then begins to eliminate all forms of bacteria, viruses, fungi, mold or anything else that does not pass its muster. The victim becomes completely and totally sterile within a short amount of time. Their body will not rot for as long as the virux is active as it will act to counter chemical degradation as well. Unfortunately for the more necrosophically inclined, the virux also perceives sentience/consciousness as a form of infection and it shuts down all thought processes in the course of its infection, which in fact, is the last thing that it wipes clean from the victim; itself. A very unpleasant, but thorough virux that cleans up after itself.


  1. Icky! Marching Moronism is especially scary, considering it seems to be present here/now as well.

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