Thursday, May 6, 2010

The Du'Vallja

In the greenish depths past the sun-stroked waves of the great Sea of Ranlir, out past the bell-hung atolls and floating raft-villages of the aquacults and below the bluezone where Venduu and their kin laze in the warm sunlight, there are the deep enclaves of the Du'Vallja.  Cold, colorful and baroque in their organic splendor, the city-states of the Du'Vallja are rooted in the coral accretions, reefs and sculpted pilings that support, reinforce and maintain the shoreline aesthetics and the continued viability of the various scattered island micro-ecologies as well.

The Du'Vallja are quiet and cautious caretakers who inhabit a vast sub-surface empire that mirrors those of the air-breathers in myriads of ways that they would never suspect, unless they took the time and initiative to visit the deep-homes and domed palaces of grown from coral, cultured from pearl and shaped from plants.  Du'Vallja enclaves are bastions of life.  They safeguard the deepest secrets of their ancestors, the Aquatics who broke-off from land-based humanity before the first Sea Gate was opened.  The Du'Vallja are that old.

Rare indeed are the worlds that lack even a single Sea Gate, and rarer still would be one such that likewise also lacked a River Gate or some other conenction back into the primordial mother-seas from which all life was born long, long ago.  Any world that has water that flows into the vast interconnected Sea of Life is known to the Du'Vallja and they have sent their gifts, their young and their timeless dreams unto each and every one of them, one after another, ever and always, in a never-ending cycle, Worlds Without End.


  1. How does one pronounce Du'Vallja?

  2. Either 'DOO Vaul-Jah' if you're from the East or 'Duh-Vye-Yah' if you're form the West, as the Senube flows. Being a very cosmopolitan city-state, you can pronounce most such names however you like and even the worst distortion will *usually* get passed off as just a quirk of some foreigner or whatever. Unless you're dealing with the InSects, Ortharchs or combat grammarians.


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