Sunday, March 7, 2010

Solar System, Part One (Brief Overview)

The preliminary version of the Riskail solar System is now available at our zazzle-shop, just in case anyone gives a poop.  Another version is now underway that will map out the various debrisfields, dustfields, asteroid belts, megastructures, vaccforests, hanging gardens, bubbles, spindles, etc. on through the various regions and sub-regions of the Outer Wastes such as the Kuiper Belt, Oort Cloud and Black Ice.

All in all, it's a fairly straight-forward solar system with a single star, five or so Major bodies, a few moons, a good bit of debris and an extensive Kuiper Belt and Oort Cloud full of ice, dust and more -- in fact the outermost zones of this system are packed with matter that otherwise might have formed another two or three gas giants, ice giants or possibly even one more rocky planetoid.  Something fierce and destructive really did a number on the outer wastes back during the formative period of this solar system.  Scholars still debate and duel over what they think it may have been, but no definitive answer has been gained or attained at this time.  Some say that the primordial disruption is the work of the Leiru and all their temporal manipulations, but that is unproven and often not the safest thing to bring up, especially where the Leiru have supporters, clients or most of the city-states of Riskail.

It is curious that more than one Mugallo Arch has been discovered buried deep within a sphere-shell of fast-spun nickle-iron, often sunk into a blob of ice of shard of hyper-compacted dust or other fragments.  Could the Mugallo Arches have been present during the very earliest stages of the solar system's development and formation?  Would the Leiru be so audacious and reckless?  Or are the Arches really the work of some other, possibly pre-human/pre-Infrastructure entity or species?  More than one expedition has set out to discover what they can of this matter, one such group has gone so far as to book passage on a White Ship.
But such matters are best left to scholars and seers, for the most part.

There are a lot of little chunks of ice, debris and dust, burned-out cometary cores, and more such things scattered all through this system, but most of those things are not as well mapped nor considered as important as the main planets, moons and structures such as the Jewels of Zal or the vacuum forests seeded through out the dustfields and debris belts by orbital clans, solar nomads, and other factions who rarely descend below the habitats or megastructures such as the Twelve Spindles or the decrepit husk of the Nearru 'Hurachmadlad' generation ark that tumbles slowly in the deep dark, stripped bare by plunderers and forever bereft and forlorn.

The hypercephali of G'tosg (Juh-Tahz-guh) as well as the Veridical Sages of Polume (Poh-Loom) agree, which rarely happens, that there are hundreds, if not thousands of small, blister or bubble-like structures cast adrift in the dark airless reaches that stretch outwards from the Inner Cinders to the Outer Wastes and beyond.  What the dour sages pondering on the inscrutible secrets of the universe and the intuitive savants floating in their fetid pools of primordial goo vehemently disagree with each other about is the provenance and meaning of these mysterious structures.  In reeking G'tosg it is held that the myriads of blisters floating untended throughout the system are the cast-off spores of some macro-scale fungal entity of terrifying metaphysical virtues.  The Polumeans insist instead that the bubble-like structures are the fragments of a broken world, one that once hosted a decadent race of beings who delved into things best not known, but secretly, within the various secret societies of the elite-scholars who really rule in dim, cold Polume, it is whispered that these shattered and blasted bits of shell-like wreckage are not really the left-overs of any destroyed planet, no matter how useful that fiction is for teaching morality or discouraging unlicensed inquiries into forbidden and restricted subjects.  But the longer one listens to the whispers, the more it becomes apparent that each secret society has its own pet theory as to the nature of these fragments and not one of them has a single shred of hard evidence to back them up, nor are they likely to endorse any sort of expedition to find out for fear that what is learned might upset the delicate balance of terror and power that maintains the uneasy peace in Polume.

Polume itself is one of the major orbital powers, a habitat that has arisen to become the equal of any terrestrial city-state that boasts of an impressive Campus that remained autonomous and independent of Devukarsha's Academy for over three hundred years before finally being annexed during the turmoil of the Orange Revolution.  If anyone anywhere is seeking to learn or know anything about the habitats, orbital clans, spatial states or various autonomous enclaves out amongst the debrisfields, asteroid belts, trojan-point collectives, megastructures or vastness of the Outer Wastes, they begin their researches at Polume.

We shall deal with Polume shortly.

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