Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Ochemru: Planar Surgeons

Tall, elegant and proud, the Ochemru are powerful and aloof beings who occupy the twenty-seventh planar layer of Riskail.  Innately telepathic, the Ochemru disdain the use of vulgar senses such as sight or hearing and prefer to make use of over a dozen more refined and subtle means of perception, several of which are dormant in humans and other races.  Approached properly and negotiated with successfully, the Ochemru can attempt to awaken these senses in a willing subject by performing delicate ritualized telekinetic surgery upon their nervous system.  When it works, the results can be quite profound and life-changing, when it goes wrong, the subject can wind up a catatonic vegetable.  Many sorcerers consider the risk worthwhile in order to expand their sensory abilities.

The Ochemru are difficult to summon, their innate divinatory abilities make it exceeding complicated to contact one of them if they do not wish to be contacted.  It is generally acknowledged that if one wishes to consult or deal with the Ochemru, then it behooves one to go to them.

Every so often one of the Ochemru will accept a student or apprentice from another plane, sometimes this has been a human.  The only human student of the Ochemru to return to Riskail from their sojourn amongst these enigmatic, faceless philosophers and masters of probability was Giorgio Vacho, who wore a curiously crafted red sequin mask for the rest of his life.  Vacho's journals, diaries and notebooks have proven to be impossible for anyone not modified by the Ochemru to read.  The inks that he used seem to be wrongly angled for the normal human eye to clearly perceive the pattern of what is there and the handwriting appears to crawl and wriggle like a mass of recalcitrant worms upon the pages.  Vacho did, however leave behind a set of specialized needle-sharp conical crystals that imprint specific spells upon the brain of anyone who sleeps in close proximity to one of them, once they are activated by way of the proper ritual.  The Elders of the City-State of Eevong, Vacho's native homeland, act as custodians of these crystals and there is a waiting list for candidates to make use of the Vacho Crystals.  So far no two users have received the same spells, a matter that has excited no little interest in these marvellous objects.

There are rumors that the nefarious criminal mastermind Navarre has set his sights upon the Vacho Crystals and there is every likelihood that the self-proclaimed King of Terror will make an attempt upon them sooner rather than later. The Elders of Eevong have hired a cadre of Tijin mercenaries to enhance their already impressive sequence of wards, charms and other defenses.  Should Navarre succeed, it would be an amazing feat of skill and daring that would almost assuredly cement his reputation as a legendary thief, amongst various other pursuits, such as clandestine necromancy, kidnapping, torture and worse.

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