Friday, March 12, 2010

The Umbrarch of Mishtang

Dark, brooding and mysterious...yes, but at the same time the Umbrarch of Mishtang is a colorful, gregarious and well-known member of the Contrafraternity of the Cerulean Hour whom many have approached from time to time to request his aid in sorting out various conundrums pertaining to the intrinsic nature of Resonant Spaces and the cocomittant dangers and opportunities that go hand-in-hand with them.

For a small, almost token fee, the Umbrarch can usually alleviate a querent's intellectual distress and unravel the conundrums of Resonant Spatial Mechanics, answering questions both sweepingly theoretical and immediately practical.  His knowledge and mastery of the subject-matter is widely acknowledged as supreme and accorded the respect due to a highly accomplished Adept with a most impressive curriculum vitae that is by all accounts incredibly varied, extremely well documented and completely impossible to verify by any means of divination or fact-finding spells, at least from amongst those in easy supply from the public domain.  The Umbrarch may be easily approachable, but only on his terms.

A freelance-wanderer of the Resonant Spaces of Riskail, with a particular interest in the underrealms of Devukarsha, the Umbrarch of Mishtang moves freely from place to place irregardless of any mundane intervening barriers.  The Umbrarch of Mishtang personally occupies a shifting and ever-changing number of quantal-shadow frequencies simultaneously, often crossing over into various Emanatory Spheres and some of the nearer and more permeable Planar Layers as well.  If one has questions regarding such matters, he is the definitive authority and best possible primary source to consult with bar none.  But do not trifle with the Umbrarch of Mishtang under any circumstances, for of all the foolish sorcerers who have challenged him to a spell-duel over some minor trumped-up matter, usually to impress others with their personal accomplishments, few have ever returned from the various far-off pocket-dimensions in which he has abandoned them.  Since he does not kill such fools out of hand and typically only responds out of self-defense, the Umbrarch of Mishtang is seen as a safer (if somewhat dubious) challenge by those younger, more belligerent (often drunk) sorcerer-artists who are lacking in the proper appreciation (let alone application) of logic or good, common sense.

It is often repeated, and as often ignored by the younger students and sorcerers out to make a name for themselves that it is very poor judgement to either hand the Umbrarch of Mishtang any object you would like to ever see again, or to take his hand even if proffered in friendship or succor as taking a grip on his hand will undoubtedly drag the unsuspecting victim off into some other place, space or even time.  But who listens to the admonitions of their elders?

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  1. This is good stuff! Reminiscent of Tekumel but with its on style of Weird.

    Keep it up, man.


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