Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Meet the New Boss...Same as the Old Boss...

From Mad Wizards posted previously at Old School Heretic:
"Freakish, garish and outrageous, Lorshal has so modified his own body as to have become the unique specimen of his own species. Eminently mutable, mercurial and capricious, Lorshal often refers to himself as a work in progress (usually in third person). Utterly devastated by ennui and tortured beyond all mortal ken by boredom, Lorshal is always arranging special entertainments, peculiar garden parties, sorcerous salons, and he sponsors a variety of live theater groups as well as finances various poets, artists, and authors that he might have the pleasure of their company, the benefit of their work, and the servitude of their souls for all eternity."

Wicked, decadent, corrupt, no longer truly human, not quite sane, and eminently powerful, Lorshal is most definitely a Mad Wizard. A rich and powerful patron of the arts and sciences, both sorcerous and materialist, Lorshal uses his largesse to great personal benefit, often trapping down-on-their luck artists, dancers, performers and portrayers to enter into his employ either as indentured servants or thralls whose very souls are bound to his staff through obscene and despicable rituals.

"Flesh is malleable, moldable, eminently is my chosen medium, and I am a master of its workings, its subtleties, its vagaries, its ambiguities...I and I alone and the supreme adept of this artform.  There are no rivals to challenge me, no peers to console me, only myself, wretched in my loneliness and consumed by my passion for this work that I do and that no other might even attempt..."

That he is an over-arching narcissist should come as no surprise.  It is far more shocking, if that is the appropriate word for it, when one learns that Lorshal has personally designed and released over seven hundred distinct types of personally-designed and gene-crafted species into the unclaimed wildernesses of the Tributary Gates along the Senube's estuarial park-regions just to see what happens, which ones survive, and (ostensibly) to perfect his art.  It is a verified matter of record that Lorshal created the pseudo-humanoid Ruuj, the pestilential mockery-beasts of Dalgristi, and the venomous bog-wyrms that now infest most of Western Sulindra.  Some of these things were commissioned, others were mere whims of a moment or the products of either strange inspirations or bad indigestion.  Seeing as how Lorshal never betrays a confidence, nor reveals his patron's culpability in his teratological excesses, it is doubtful anyone will ever really or truly know which of the myriads of horrors were Lorshal's particular contribution to the worlds of humanity.

His ever-growing body of work is both diverse and perverse, often-times combining features or traits that no sane person would ever consider such as the antlered toads of Meerkarl or the three-headed rhino-tigers of Baluzria, not to mention flutterslugs, dartworms, or a hundred varieties of arboreal squid with a taste for human flesh.  But Lorshal long ago turned his back on work with such crude subjects as mere animals and beasts, save for the occasional chimerae or commisioned hybrid.  For a time Lorshal dabbled in the crafting of varieties of homunculi and vat-born types of beings, but that too soon bored him as he came to understand the all too crude (for him) processes involved far too intimately to endure any further dalliance.  Lorshal's massive intellect could not bear to be constrained with the crude, blind processes of the vats, pods and tanks that made up the stock-in-trade of most homunculists and so he abandoned that particular direction long ago as a blind alley not truly worth his talents.  Instead, Lorshal has spent the last several decades developing intelligent life, designed from the cellular level according to his bizarre whims and inscrutible motives.

Lorshal has become passionate, even obsessed it is feared, with the fundamental factor of intelligence, sentience and awareness.  Within a matter of weeks Lorshal personally covered the costs of a series of private, invitation-only showings of his earliest works in this area.  Dozens of new spells, designer viruxes, gene-modalities and open access genelines were made available to the genart community. 

No less than twenty principalities knighted Lorshal over the course of those ground-breaking, life-changing shows and it is rumored that even the withdrawn Genelords of Cathelia deigned to send their own representatives--discretely of course--to view the work of this upstart prodigy who was encrouching upon their chosen domains.  It remains unclear as to what the Genelords opinion on the matter was, for they are notorious in their fetish for privacy, but it was resoudingly not a negative response, for Lorshal still lives, breathes and has continued his work in this area unabated.  The Genelords have no enemies among the living, at least not for very long.  For now Lorshal assumes the posture of an up and coming rival, perhaps this amuses them.

Encouraged, inspired and his ambitions goaded onwards to further excesses and greater success, Lorshal implemented a radically old-fashioned approach to his new-found artform; he formed a corporation that hired a raft of indigent and otherwise marginal adepts, specialists, experts and failed-artists, people who had lost their way, missed their chance or otherwise found themselves marginalized by Polite Society and gave them a fresh direction to pursue in their researches, experiments and efforts.  The new corporation was quickly chartered, thoroughly bound by the usual enactment of institutionalized secrecy, and duly protected by a powerful initiatic veil that formed a vessel of containment for the essential identity and egregoric components of the newly christened and chrismed corporate host.   Less than one week after the traditional anouncement of the formation of his corporations, Lorshal publically revealed a carefully crafted logos-mandalla ritually designed by artists working directly under his immediate and direct supervision.  It was received with great fanfare and acclamation, most of which was paid for by the new Company.  No one knows where the twin artists who designed the logo disappeared to shortly after the festivities.  Those sorts of things happened.  No one paid it the slightest attention.  The Company had too much momentum and had paid all the right people to avoid any scandal.  In short order the corporation was legally-sanctioned by the Oligarchical Triumvirate, the highest corporate authority recognized by the Great Houses of Devukarsha.  Money may no longer be a god, but it could still work miracles from time to time.

The corporate motto?

"We Give Life Meaning."


  1. Dang, another incidence of "unintentional long-distance mind meld," I was working on my flesh-crafting genius earlier today!

  2. Interesting--and a lot of nice little world-gems in the write-up ("flutterslugs?" Awesome.


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