Wednesday, March 3, 2010

It's Alive! Introducing Riskail

"Discovery consists of seeing what everybody has seen
and thinking what nobody has thought."
Albert Szent-Gyorgyi

Riskail is now live.  What kind of a setting is Riskail?  In one word: Weird.  If Andre Breton, Clark Ashton Smith, Robert E. Howard and Aleister Crowley were sitting around a gin-stained table in a run-down cafe in Casablanca where Henry Rollins was a bouncer, listening to Robert Johnson and Screamin' Jay Hawkins jamming with some other musicians not-from-around-there, drinking absinthe and playing a role-playing game GM-ed by C. L. Moore or Leigh Brackett...this would be that game.  Nietzsche has already quit in disgust after his character was devoured by a swarm of pink ants, Hemingway and Moorcock are late (again) and probably off somewhere drunk already, and Kerouac has left the building.  There's two hours before dawn and at least one of these is going to be arrested and/or shot before too long since Burroughs almost certainly snitched on them after they made fun of his third-level Libertine and he left with that funny Austrian fellow who kept nattering on about archetypes and alchemy.

Surreal in its passion, Poetic in its madness, Violent in its expression, and Cruel in its conception...Riskail is a world where anything has already happened and we're just trying to find our way through it all. 

One Caveat
Please do keep in mind that Riskail is very much a live, ongoing work-in-progress, not a finished/polished project, yet. Things will change and evolve over time and sometimes the editing will fall behind the creating, but I shall make every reasonable effort to make such editorial-interventions as minimal as possible.

One Quote
"Reality is not the present, but is the past and future jointed and separated by the membrane of the present (a warped membrane, as Einstein tells us).  An equitable present is utopian; even if possible, it would be in a profound sense quasi-irrelevant, given the inequity of the past and the (non)existence of a future capable of new and more ("better") inequity.  Are then naivete or irresponsibility the only shields against despair?  Not necessarily so."
Paolo Soleri

One Video(For Inspirations' sake)


  1. Hi, just found this blog! That first paragraph was one of the coolest and most intriguing intros I've ever read for an RPG setting.

  2. Hi yourself! Glad you found the blog. Thanks for the kind words. We've run into a bit of a delay, what with some unplanned emergency surgery, but things will be getting back on track shortly. There is a lot more coming...


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