Monday, March 8, 2010

The Devil's In The Details: Jarpha

After reading the excellent suggestion made by Laviolette over at The Nine and Thirty Kingdoms who was riffing on some stuff that James Raggi over at LotFP  mentioned about the Devil's In The Details tables (first presented in Fight On! issue one by Aaron Kesher of Sandbox Empire ), and then seeing what Mister Maliszewski over at Grognardia has offered up as his own take on this fun idea for fleshing out NPCs/PCs with a few quick rolls of the dice, I decided to take a swing at it myself.

So without further fanfare, here is my first set of Devil In The Details style tables for the Jarpha, Dread Mercenary Accountants of Riskail...
(Let me know what you think)

Many Jarpha (Roll 1D20 three times):
1.Actually enjoy chewing toxic molds the way dwarves chew snuff
2.Sleep in their armor
3.Can keep going for up to a week without eating
4.Distrust even numbers as being too rounded, whatever that means
5.Can grumble without moving their thick lips
6.Can breathe under water, but cannot swim
7.Have no idea who spawned them
8.Gamble amongst themselves as to who can drink the most poison before puking
9.Really like to sleep, like in Really, Really Like To Sleep
10.Have no patience for poets
11.Have almost no sense of humor whatsoever
12.Do not understand dirty jokes no matter how many times you explain them
13.Never carry loose change
14.Carry their really valuable personal loot in a specialized gizzard
15.Dislike any animal larger than themselves
16.Have incredibly accurate peripheral vision
17.Dance like drunken walruses at the best of times
18.Cannot walk backwards; their knees won't work right
19.Prefer to Defer: That's what officers are for
20.Smell like rum and coke when wet  (it comes from fermenting algae that grows in their armpits)

Some Jarpha (Roll 1D16):
1.Secretly worship ancestral spirits that they believe grant them protection in battle
2.Lust after platinum because of the patterns that they see in it that no one else notices
3.Will not eat fish, ever
4.Make fun of anyone who wears any sort of footgear
5.Dream of becoming an opera singer if they could only get a break
6.Think it is incredibly funny to hug victims to death
7.Can only read backwards due to a strange form of dyslexia
8.Become melancholy and nostalgic whenever they hear the sound of bagpipes
9.Make handsome trophies of the skulls of defeated opponents
10.Prefer to execute any prisoners “For Escaping” so they don't really have to watch after them
11.Prefer massive two-handed axes or flails over swords
12.Are extraordinarily skilled with polearms, though they may not be equipped with them
13.Dislike the smell of beer intensely
14.Like to eat soap for candy
15.Will cross a storm-swollen river in full flood just to kick a cat
16.Have an uncanny knack of sensing the presence of creatures capable of independent thought
17.Prefer to defer to their officers, unless it looks like easy money that they won't have to share

Some Common Traveling Gear (Roll 1D16):
1.Tiny packets of Cayenne pepper carried as a digestive aid
2.Various vials of poison held in reserve for gambling matches
3.Tightly-closed tins of dried mold for use as snuff
4.Armor-mending tools
5.Field-Medical kit (needle, awl, tough cord)
7.Cat-hide cod-piece
8.Weapon maintenance kit (whetstone, oil, rags)
9.Account ledger (Meticulously kept up to date)
10.Polyhedral pocket abacus (Only Jarpha know how to use this...)
11.Utility knife
12.Utility mallet
13.Utility prybar
14.Foraging Sack (heavy, densely woven fibers resistant to rot and nearly water-tight)
15.A collection of small shiny objects that might be valuable to gullible yokels
16.A coil of stout rope suitable for pulling a Jarpha out of the mud

1 comment:

  1. Table 1:

    8, 9, 4.

    Table 2:

    10, 3, 12.

    Table 3:

    11, 7, 12.


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