Friday, March 12, 2010

Ichthymatons of Trilb

On the Third Emanatory Sphere of Riskail, a dreary and desolate place of blasted vitreous rock and sterile seas, one can find the Ichthymatons of Trilb and not much else, not even Trilb any longer as they have since moved on, deeper into the Emanatory Plenum and far from the congress of Polite Society.

The Ichthymatons are mechanical creatures, essentially robotic fish that swim about in the sterile seas of the Third Sphere and though some have proven sentient none have been particularly forth-coming about what they are up to, nor what exactly their designer and creator intended for them to be doing in this forsaken and dead place where the psychic cacophony of the mindwar still echoes in the background with a distinct mentally-noisome toxicity.

Should one acquire one of Trilb's scrolls delineating the procedures for Contacting the Ichthymatons, and should one be so inclined as to enact those same directions successfully and adequately to the opinions of the Ichthymatons themselves, a form of telepathic rapport can be negotiated that will extend harmonically for upwards of a dozen Emanatory Spheres in either direction from their native Sphere.  Students of the Academy at Devukarsha have been known to pay ridiculous sums to acquire these cast-off scrolls Trilb left behind almost as an aftertought before resuming his bizarre pilgrimage. 

Why would anyone wish to link their mind to a bunch of bored mechanical fish?  Perhaps it has something to do with how the Ichthymatons are very amenable to helping those with whom they bond to solve problems regarding higher mathematics, lower geometries and the implications of spatial or temporal mechanics.  It's not like they have anything better to do with their time...

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