Thursday, September 29, 2011

Psilocybrian (Theracytes)

Psilocybrians are fungi-derived parahominids who were originally designed to serve as living pharmacologically-integrated therapist-forms--theracytes. The Psilocybrians are fungus-derived and only mimic a vaguely humanoid form, and in truth they only ever partially occupy any sort of actual physical reality, preferring instead to dwell within a strange hyper-hallucinatory plane of consciousness few non-Psilocybrians can ever attain.

As Theracytes, the Psilocybrians have the ability to empathically, chemically and genetically analyze a client and excrete any number of tailor-made compounds that will modify, enhance or restructure their brains, mood or personality. This is a special art of the Psilocybrians who approach the practice with reverence and great discipline as though it were a combination of massage, hypno-therapy, hormonal re-balancing, and a sort of full-contact chemo-psychic martial art focused on integration and healing.

While most Psilocybrians tend to promote openness, harmony and well-being, there are those, like the so-called milk maids, who abuse their abilities and the trust of their clients by engaging in chemognostic heresies and hallucinatory cults of personality in which some Psilocybrians have become so debauched and depraved and caught-up in their bio-idolatry that they will literally cut out sections of their own flesh to serve up as a sacrament to those chemically-dependent followers they have enslaved. Thankfully, these tend to remain very small cliques or tight-knit clusters of fanatical para-tantric fungists and so far have not really extended their reach past the lower quarters, understreets and places such as the blue light district just along the River Senube as it enters the Charcotiere Sub-District.

As Theracytes, the Psilocybrians have proven capable of curing (or inflicting) addiction and using their capabilities to restructure damaged or partially deleted brains, recover suppressed memories, reintegrate clonal imprints, and improve people's personalities and brain-function overall. They are also quite famous for their efforts in sparking imagination and acting as instigators of inspiration. Some consider them to be fungal-muses. Certain theracytes who act as erotopathic muses are referred to as 'milk maids,' as they dispense a milky secretion from their palps, stems and teats that is both a powerful hallucinogen and a synaptic restructuring agent that will unleash a massive torrent of creativity in a recipient that has been known to lead to the production of incredible masterpieces from time to time. More often than not, though, it actually scours the client's  brain and burns out those sections of the brain that are concerned with imagination and non-linear thought. Some sorcerer-artists have been known to trick their rivals into dangerous liaisons with these milk maids in order to potentially ruin their careers or blunt their abilities. Most of these milk maids are oblivious to their mind-crimes, though occasionally there have been a few that have acted as lamia-like seductresses and mind-wiping temptresses and even missionary slavers who offered oblivion to the dregs and lowest castes and then sold their bodies and reformatted black-slate brains to the highest bidders in a peculiar form of personality suicide that was fashionable for a short while during the Third Reformation. But such creatures are rare indeed. Outside of the Charcotiere.

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